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1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A 1500 Continental Coupe It seemed only right to have the trio of 1956 MK IIs originally owned by the Ford brothers,” says Rick, “so we bought the car and dove into the project, taking on our biggest restoration challenge yet. It is now a stunning car, and we’re thrilled to bring it to Pebble Beach. Runaway Road Runner

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Pro-hobby license plate bills introduced in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland Bills have been introduced in New York and Massachusetts that would require the display of a single license plate, while Maryland is working to offer a reproduction license plate with the colors of the black-and-yellow 1910 plate. The single license... component speaker Singapore - sgCarMart

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One of the common, common things is guys spraying the metallics — they get the mottling and the zebra striping. …They are tilting the gun too much or they don’t have the proper adjustment with the gun, so it’s shooting too much on the top and bottom, and you wind up with stripes down the side. With mottling, it’s the same thing — you get the blotchy spots. You see even a lot of the modern cars that come from the manufacturers, you see a lot of the silvers and golds that are real blotchy. The base coat-clear coat system does help prevent that, but it’s still possible to do it and it does happen. Point S harnesses networked retailing Login 1929-Hudson5 - Old Cars Weekly 59 Bel Air


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