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P.O. Box 187 The Cadillac die Valkyrie has excellent provenance as it was documented in press pictures during its showing at the Paris Auto Show and award from Madison Square Gardens. It was purchased by Brooks Stevens after the shows and driven by his wife for a few years and then remained in his private museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until it was purchased by the current owner circa 1997. New Ssangyong Tivoli XLV 1.6 2WD (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart

racing seat Singapore - sgCarMart Q. I want to talk about the blackout cars that Mr. Hixson from Lexington, Ky., asked about. I am 81 years old and probably one of the few people still living that had one back then. I had a 1942 Plymouth club coupe blackout model. On the chrome cars, the trim on the side of the front fenders ran all the way back the length of the fender and had matching chrome trim on the back fenders. On the blackout models, the painted steel on the front fenders only went halfway the length of the fender, and the blackout fenders had no trim on them.     Mine had the chrome bumpers. It was medium green and the metal trim and the grille was painted light green. I loved that car, but would have loved it better if it had been chrome. I love all the ’42 cars that had chrome. Cheap Budget Used Cars & Expensive Premium Used Cars - sgCarMart

David Muschko, Ringwood, N.J. A 235-cid inline six-cylinder or 283 small-block V-8 were the base powerplant offerings, but the 348-cid that had been introduced for 1958 was optional with horsepower ranging from the 250-hp Turbo-Thrust up to the 315-hp Special Super Turbo-Thrust. Volks - sgCarMart If you figure it, we had over 160 online winning bidders,” VanDerBrink said. “Out of 160 winning online bidders, we had just a few default — that’s pretty good. The problem was that the few that defaulted won a lot of cars. AACA Library Archives - Old Cars Weekly


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