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1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Indy 500 Pace Car -Antler Hino 76cm eight-wheel large case with TSA lock and security zipper - 4.8kg Ray-&-Mildred-Lambrecht-1946-Chevy Bob Gabeline indeed had a deep passion for all things motor powered and you could see it throughout this mammoth collection. His family said he loved speed and lived life as fast as he could. Even in death Bob made it clear he wanted a fancy black and chrome coffin which would be carried by a bright red 1937 Ford funeral car. Two of Bob’s sons decided to provide their dad with one final tribute, drag racing the hearse and one of his hot rod pickups to the cemetery. And wouldn’t you know it. Bob got to the cemetery first.

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Five specialist workshops that can take care of your Toyota | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart For the 1956 model year, Ford managers emphasized safety features under the banner “Lifeguard Design,” as well as performance. Some of the Lifeguard features were standard and others composed an option group. The Lifeguard equipment resulted from a two-year study conducted by Ford Motor Co. in cooperation with Cornell Medical College, the American College of Surgeons, the National Safety Council and other groups. Test crashes were conducted with crash-test dummies, instrumentation and cameras to record the reactions of the “occupants” and the behavior of the test car. As a result of these tests, the steering post was recessed from the steering wheel a little more than 3 inches and the steering wheel itself was designed to bend away from the driver. Furthermore, the door latches were redesigned to reduce the possibility of doors opening during a collision. The double-grip door latch employed an interlocking striker plate made of high-tensile chrome-molybdenum steel to overlap the door latch rotor. The inside rear-view mirror was given a special backing to prevent the glass from shattering, too. Optional safety equipment was composed of webbed nylon seat belts plus a padded dash and sunvisors. Safety did not sell; few people ordered the optional Lifeguard package. Related Articles ACD Automobile Museum has a new Executive Director & CEO - Old Cars Weekly First Drive - Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 GDI GLS | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart



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