Ferrari Portofino, and gone is the California

By Yvette VanDerBrink I have worked with many collections and families. I’ve had siblings that wanted the same car and couldn’t sort it out. This is why the auction is the best option, it's fair, open, and they get a chance to bid and buy the car in an open, free and public environment. Often, they aren’t actually paying cash; the payment comes from their share of the inheritance. The auction method also sets a basis for the estate for probate or trust for tax and asset evaluation. I have witnessed collections where the family or friends fall short on projected money for the estate. I ran an auction in Nebraska where a friend had sold 31 vehicles for a widow over several years. He was a family friend who sold the cars and gave proceeds to the widow after taking a cut. We sold the last car of the collection, which was a 1932 Ford 2-door sedan. It was rough, but all there. We sold the car at auction for $42,000. I looked over expecting to see a happy response with our widow and she was crying. I thought tears of joy, but then she informed me that the most she had gotten for the others was under $20,000 and they were better! I later learned the friend wasn’t a friend at all, and in fact, kept a large portion of the proceeds. She would have made thousands more if she had called us right away and had a proper auction. Used BMW 740Li Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Ford GT leads RM Auctions Auburn Spring Weekend

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