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1974 Plymouth Duster 2d Cpe, 198-cid    $2,500    3 All Advice Categories Tim Dye of the Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum in Pontiac, Ill., recently received this mysterious photo of a European 1933 Pontiac . For anyone acquainted with "Chiefs," or even General Motors products of the 1930s, there's  something noticeably different about this  Pontiac — it wears convertible victoria coachwork often seen in Europe, but rarely fitted on production cars in the United States. Maintenance Equipment Reviews and Information - sgCarMart About six months after I bought it, we decided to move back home to Amherst [from the Milwaukee area] and my brother and I decided to start our own business, T&T Automotive. At that point I thought I was going to jump on it and get at it and restore it real quick. I tore it apart in the spring of ’82, but I was starting a business and with all the time it took, and I had a young family, and the finances weren’t always there … and I didn’t get it finished until May of ’90. It took me about eight years to finally get it all done. By that time, my oldest son was starting to have an interest in it and it was like, ‘C’mon Dad, let’s get it done.’ And I had a brother [Gerard] who was a driving force, too. He helped me an awful lot with it.

The Space By Brian Earnest Randy Walter and the guys at Corvette Sports in Sheboygan, Wis., have done more engine and transmission installations on Corvettes of every vintage than they can possibly remember. They have specialty tools and custom-made jigs for particular parts of the job to make things easier, but mostly... Once the Impala arrived at Leidich's home, he set to work cleaning the Impala and making it run again. These days, the Ricks are doing exactly what they had intended to do with their lovely, authentic Charger: exercise it regularly, take it for frequent joy rides, and hit a variety of car shows every summer. They even joke about owning matching green Mopars some day. Used SUV Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart

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