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Should have option of white / black interior. CARLISLE, Pa. _ Carlisle Auctions’ will conduct its Spring Carlisle Auction on April 20-22 at the Carlisle Expo Center. The auction iruns in conjunction with Spring Carlisle with 100,000 visitors converging on central Pennsylvania. Carlisle Auctions has expanded its offering from two days to three in 2017 for its Carlisle based auctions.... Used Stationwagon Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart F1 Autos Pte Ltd - sgCarMart Used Audi Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

At the end of the day they met with Phil Rickard’s Automotive Technology class where students talked about the modern Hemi engine that they were rebuilding along with differences between the modern Hemi and the 50’s era Hemi. While the club didn’t view the day as a recruitment event, they were able to open the students’ eyes to the changes and similarities in past and present automotive technology. It was a fun and informative day had by all. 1935 DeSoto Airflow SG 4d Sed    $25,000    1

Login Used Rare & Exotic Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart While I have tin toy patrol cars representing several decades, the majority of my collection spans the 1950s. I was born near the end of that decade, so my earliest memories of automobiles involve cars from the “fin era,” especially my parents’ 1959 Plymouth Belvedere sedan. I traveled in it until I was six. Whenever I find an affordable (translation: in played-with condition) tin toy law enforcement car that represents the ’50s, I’m on it. Published May 20, 2014 at 650 - 432 in Car of the Week: 1907 Wolfe touring. ← Previous

Toyota Vios Reviews & Info Singapore - sgCarMart His car has the 4-4-2 Rocket 350-cid V-8 engine with a Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor good for 170 hp. (4-4-2s could also be optionally equipped with an engine of up to 455 cubic inches.) Cummins’ car also sports the 4-4-2 package’s standard FE2 rally suspension, which was stiffer than the Cutlass suspension upon which the car was based. 2002 BMW Z8 Roadster (Lot S198) at $180,000 Salvage Yard Ron: Mystery yard of Matador, Texas

Ground Zero GZUA 2250DX User Review & Reviews Renfrow had his beautiful Ford resting comfortably inside all winter, but he plans to start putting some gentle miles on it soon. So far, he said he’s only added about 46 miles to the odometer. He had originally planned to store it at home, but now plans to keep it in a storage building in Knoxville. “I live out in the country, back in the timber on a gravel road and I will not drive it on gravel,” he said. “I’ve got a Texas Rollback trailer … and I can load my truck on it and haul it out of here and haul it to town and undo it and drive it around and then haul it back, but I don’t want to do that every time we take it out. radiator Only Originals: Tales of Outstanding Unrestored Cars


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