Audi TT Coupe 2.0A TFSI S-tronic (COE till 08/2028) 13-Aug-2008 $76,800

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While I don’t necessarily recall the exact statistic, it’s been said that the average worker-bee changes career courses seven times in his or her lifetime. Although I could have been a doctor, a lawyer or a famous underwear model, I’ve made a career of straightening body parts of old cars. Early on, I was warned of the “occupational hazards,” so the trick knee, junk rotator cuffs, tennis elbows, carpal tunnels and the recent double hernia are nobody’s fault but my own. Now in my mid-50s, I find myself still swingin’ heavy hammers, and just between you and me, I could really use a break. Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better At the other end of these pricey genuine examples was a 1967 Mustang GT tribute car.  It was nicely done to resemble the car "Eleanor" in the movie Gone in 60 seconds starring Nicholas Cage. It legally found a new owner at  $32,000. Used Lamborghini Huracan Car for Sale in Singapore, Vision Autotrader Pte Ltd - sgCarMart Try as I might, I couldn't get the Buick's hood open. After struggling to the point of gashing my hand, I gave up. The car was already a faded red with a white top, so at that point I nicknamed it "Red Cross," because I donated a pint of blood all over the hood release.


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