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Related Articles Not having a "For Sale" sign visible on it, I wondered why someone would abandon a great car like this just off a main street unless they were trying to sell it. As I looked around for more clues, I spotted several roofs of pickups hidden in tall grass parked in the distance. I knew instantly my timetable for returning home was going to take another huge setback. Many drivers have heard of these fuel-saving tips but do they really work? | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart The car has not been restored but was repainted once and has the original interior. It is a wonderful collector car for any serious American car collection or European collection but especially a German car collection.  Auctions include a signature event in Scottsdale, Arizona every January, followed by June at Newport Beach, and August at Monterey, California. For additional information, please visit or call 602.252.2697.



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