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Henney Program of Progress, George Hamlin, editor, Henney Chapter PCS The next morning, as the dew clung to the stubble of the hay field, I discovered that by going as fast as I could in that little, underpowered four-cylinder car down the straight away and into a corner, I could actually slide around the corner like the big boys did in the big race cars. To complete the slide, I would pull the emergency brake handle and lock up both the rear wheels at just the right moment. What fun! Mercedes-Benz launches the new CLS in Singapore | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Glamour was the strong point of the 1968 Rally Sport package and husky performance was the calling card of the Camaro SS option. The base Camaro engine was again a 230-cid inline six-cylinder, while the 327-cid small-block remained the base V-8. A 350-cid V-8 was standard in the Camaro SS, but the Turbo-Jet 396-cid V-8 was the hot ticket for the lead-footed set. Cars with this engine were treated to a black-finished rear body panel to set them off. Mecum Kissimee to feature Fezell, Runyon collections We specialize in restoration, show quality plating and salvaging damaged chrome parts that other platers have ruined. Login Point S harnesses networked retailing

There are many buttons along the gear shift area and can be quite confusing and hard to remember. By the time he re-purchased the green Chevelle his parents bought new, the car had 160,000 miles and had suffered like so many other 1973-’77 GM A bodies: it had rusted to oblivion. Many of those that didn’t completely succumb to corrosion faced a bittersweet end as stock cars and enduro race cars on local tracks throughout the country. Those that did survive were often modified with jacked-up rear ends, aftermarket sunroofs and engine transplants, then were driven into the ground. Sorry, there are no search results for your following query. Please refine your search fields, or try searching for it in our Expired ads. Basic Search Criteria Keyword(s) : - Price Range : - Reg Date : - Depreciation : Any Eng Cap : - Mileage : - Veh Type : Any Availability : All Category : All Categories Dealer Name : S K Motoring You may also wish to save these search fields to be notified whenever a vehicle is added. Related Categories Good Toyota Workshop Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart

Gscan Singapore - sgCarMart As Lance Corporal Wright made his way down the aisle to his unassigned seat for the flight that would take him home for a brief visit, the 20-year-old Marine was met with cold stares and upturned noses from the civilian passengers. As he searched for a seat, he endured snide whispers and derogatory remarks directed toward his military unit. Cars 88 Leasing Pte Ltd - sgCarMart

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