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Steinke added some non-original spoked wheel covers, and Bickford’s Vintage Woodworks of Iola, Wis., put on a new cloth top. “It’s a stayfast top. It doesn’t fade like the haartz cloth I put on before. It was tan, and in three years it was white from fading… This has probably been on 10 years and it hasn’t faded. In fact, I liked the top so much, I liked the top so much I brought down my ’36 Buick phaeton and had them do a top for that one, too, even though there was nothing wrong with it. I just liked the way those tops look and the way they last. I think it looks very unique. And the interior is unbelievable. It’s been redone, but it was redone correctly. You can tell by the numbers that this is what the car was, and I actually have pictures of it before it was restored. It was basically a junker,” Johnson said. “It’s got power steering and power brakes, which is pretty rare for a ’54, especially that level of car. I wouldn’t want to drive it very far at over 60 mph. It’s not overpowered, even though it’s got two carburetors. It’s got a great power steering unit in it… It’s a very drivable car. It’s fun, and, of course nobody has seen one forever, almost. Hondata FlashPro Reviews & Info Singapore

Chip Foose There's a lot of boot space for a stroller, car seat (when not in use), and bags of groceries. With rear seats folded down, I can even load items as long as 1.8m!

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Kimble cutaways ASSINIBOIA AND DISTRICT MUSEUM: A collection including about 20 classic cars from 1916 to 1950 and their role in the development of the area. Open daily in July and August, Monday through Friday the rest of the year. Admission fee. 506 3rd Avenue West, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. (306) 642-5353.


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