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"I went to auctions around Florence and started buying old cars, trucks and tractors," Hayes explained of his fresh start in the quarry. "I used to attend farm sales and buy old cars for next to nothing, but those days are gone." Get car pricing, data and history all in one place

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E-M-F Registry, 5901 Azalea Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93306. Paul Anthony, 661-871-5043. Clarion probably paid a few hundred dollars for it and brought it back to Bismarck,” Pearce guessed. “My dad — who passed away in 1978 — was a handy guy who had a workshop and mechanical know-how; he helped Clarion get it running.” Pearce said the two men worked on the car for about a year. “They broke down the engine, transmission and water pump,” he added. “They got it operating and it ran fairly well. It was a well-known old car in Bismarck. Then there was the deathtrap ’81 Ford Escort I purchased with 90,000 hard earned miles on it. It was as rusty as it was cheap. Having no money and a questionable car turned me into a young MacGyver. I learned that a well-placed stab of a screwdriver into a cracked starter solenoid would do the trick getting you rolling on cold mornings. I often joked that I only rented parts from the salvage yard with that car. I eventually retired it to the yard that most of the replacement parts came from. At one time it had a hive of bees living in the door. I also utilized a well-positioned cooler behind the front bucket seat to keep it upright due to the rusted out mounting bolts. Not the best solution but effective. Ralph Nader would not have approved. Towards the end I ran straight 40-weight industrial crane oil in the crankcase to keep it alive. This was not a safe or glamorous car. Land Rover


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