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The Audi e-tron - What you need to know Related Categories Related Articles Related Categories The Brass Lamp, M. Larry Hassel, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri

So, at the Lambrecht Auction and all auctions, we aren’t just selling cars, we are selling memories and helping people step back in time. 10 unusual car features you never knew AI Car Holdings Pte Ltd | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart Related Articles

-KDK P30KH stand fan with remote (+$55)

Popular Articles Wet weather balance with the Potenza S007A The Saga of the ‘Hungry Merc Revealed at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, the recently-discovered Ford Mustang Fastback from the 1968 movie Bullitt was featured in the Hagerty booth. After being reclaimed just a few months ago, the Bullitt Mustang became the twenty-first automobile on the National Historic Vehicle Register, insuring that both the film and the car will live on in the Library if Congress. BMW

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Harms has segregated “project cars” from parts vehicles in several sections of the yard, explaining that parts removal from those project vehicles is forbidden. “We only put the project cars on our website (,” according to Harms. He stressed that titles exist for most of the vehicles in inventory, or a title can be obtained if one does not exist, although he cautioned that it takes “a couple of weeks. Rare cars at the Quam Car Collection Auction Used Rover Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

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TELSTAR MUSTANG-SHELBY-COBRA MUSEUM: Many restored Mustang, Shelby and Cobra cars. By appointment. Admission fee. 1300 South Kimball Street, Mitchell, S.D. 57031. (605) 996-6550. 1956 DeSoto Archives - Old Cars Weekly

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Nostalgia Car Club, Box 1434, Yuma, AZ 85366. Harry Payne, Get expert restoration advice for your classic car Min Ghee Auto Pte Ltd - sgCarMart

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National Street Rod Association — Pretzel City Rod & Custom, Box 15071, Reading, PA 19612-5071. Dick Orth, 610-777-7780. Wet weather balance with the Potenza S007A Used Impreza Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

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4,000-plus old cars to be crushed in East Troy Wisconsin salvage yard Related Articles 1958 Eldorado Archives - Old Cars Weekly Singapore No.1 Car Site for New Car & Used Cars - sgCarMart What is understeer and oversteer

Login Break out those bell bottoms, vests, headbands, peace symbols and loafers and let the sunshine in this Saturday at the Gilmore Car Museum! Though I never knew what it actually looked like until it arrived at the Cadillac & LaSalle Club’s 2014 Grand National on July 12, I was oddly familiar with the “Elegante.” The one-off, aluminum-bodied Elegante retractable hardtop was brought to the show in Lake George, N.Y., from West Palm Beach, Fla., by Dick Birdsall and his older brother Bob. Digital submissions

New Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart Preliminary reports said the bulk of damage was centered in the area of the building in which cars are restored. Museum officials told Old Cars Weekly that the fire department has not deemed the area safe enough for museum officials to return to the site and completely asses the damage, so the number of Packards considered to be lost has not yet been determined. Images of the fire show that a ca.-1948 Packard Station Sedan and several mid-1950s Packard models were affected by the flames.

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10 questions with Peter Kumar of Gullwing Motor Cars 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 2d HT, 318-cid    $8,750    3 LoJack for Classics

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FESTIVALS OF SPEED Early 1950 88 Holiday coupes have a two-piece windshield, as on a convertible, while later cars had a one-piece windshield. Kenny’s ’50 Olds Holiday coupe had the early two-piece windshield as well as an unusual finish to the windshield header.

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Toyota Fortuner 2.7A 23-Jun-2015 $109,800

Pang's Motor Trading Pte Ltd - sgCarMart 3rd: 1931 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8B Viggo Jensen Cabriolet, The Keller Collection at The Pyramids, Petaluma, California Instead, I detoured to a salvage yard closer to Branson, in Baxter Springs, Kan., which is in the southeast corner of the state. Arriving unannounced on a Monday morning, I knew nothing about C.R.’s Trucking & Wrecker Service, and hoped that a decade’s-old description of the yard’s inventory remained accurate, in that it was skewed towards older cars. Upcoming events at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

New Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid Car Promotions, Offers, Sale - sgCarMart U.S. House of Representatives WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – On Saturday, October 14, Milestone Auctions of Willoughby (suburban Cleveland), Ohio, will transform its premises into a motorhead’s dreamscape, as it presents the Charlie Schalebaum Legacy Collection of fine automobiles, automotive art, and antiques. The nearly 500-lot auction – with highlights that include two Rolls-Royces and three...

I also like how you can link a driver profile to each key fob. That way, the car is customized to the driver so there's no need to fiddle with the controls and settings if the previous driver was your spouse/partner.

Do these fuel-saving tips really work? 5 crucial steps on handling a car accident | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Car Details New Toyota Corolla Altis Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart 1973 Chevrolet Nova 2d Sed HBk Mod, Aftermarket wheels, 24k miles    $700    6

Price$104,800 Depreciation $15,590 /yr Black spotted the car for sale in California in 2008, kept an eye on it for a few months, then finally pulled the trigger in the fall of that year. He hadn’t seen the car in person, but he had seen enough pictures and asked enough questions that he felt good about the deal. Pedro Aguilera tried his best to hide his excitement the first time he laid eyes on his 1927 Chrysler. The Port St. Lucie, Fla., resident had no intentions that fateful day four years ago of shopping for a pre-war Chrysler — or a Chrysler of any vintage for that matter — but it was love at first sight.

Ford Country Squire Archives - Old Cars Weekly Carl was and still is a very successful businessman, but now in his 90s, he has decided to sell his collection of cars and trucks along with 50-plus old tractors at auction. All will be sold to the highest bidder on Aug. 16, 2014, in Cleveland, Okla. Used Luxury Sedan Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart After the Pope visited England, one of the Range Rover-based Popemobiles was used by him in Scotland and then sent to the Vatican. It is still in service at the Holy See and was also used by Pope Benedict XVI. The second Range Rover—with British registration plate no. XDU IIX—went to the Caribbean for two papal excursions there before passing into private hands in England. It was restored and then sold to the Cars of Stars Museum in Las Vegas, Nev. This car is the centerpiece of the National Museum of Funeral History’s “Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes” exhibit. 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk

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Ford Lines, Mike Denney, editor, Tulsa — Early Ford V8 Club of America 1960s: If the 1950s were all flash, the 1960s were all dash. The size of cars and trucks grew larger during the 1960s, but so did the cubic inches under the hoods, and it didn’t take long for that 1960s free spirit to channel the power of a full-size car engine into the chassis of a smaller car to produce spirited power. In addition to hairy quarter-mile heroes, the era produced refined cocktail cruisers and increasing amounts of kiddie-carrying station wagons. Then and now, there's a 1960s car or truck for every taste, yet they all have something in common: good looks and good power. 1951-Crosley-Hot-Shot-side1

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From reader Dave Otis: A featured attraction at the Concours will be former Vermeil’s 1926 Sprint racing car nicknamed “Black Beauty”. Vermeil’s father, Louis, acquired the non-wing, open-cockpit sprint race car in 1937 and raced it in earnest after World War II. In 2007, Dick Vermeil began restoring his father’s car, doing much of the work himself. Black Beauty is now a show car and trailer queen, winning first place in its class at the prestigious Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Barrett-Jackson The United Pacific classic Ford Bronco will be equipped with a Ford Performance Coyote 5.0L engine and other modern conveniences including air conditioning, Bluetooth stereo, accurate electronic gauges and power running boards. Maxlider Brothers Customs has not overlooked any detail, including adjustable custom leather seats to accommodate taller drivers and passengers with ease. The 1966 Bronco in the United Pacific booth might look classic on the outside, but it features modern amenities necessary to make it comfortable to drive today.                 S.B. 1637 would save money, conserve resources and bring Massachusetts in line with other states that have moved to a single plate requirement.

ACDelco Professional Cabin Air Filter Reviews & Info Singapore 1936 Chevrolet Standard 2d Cpe Dly, SMt, 1 of 3,183            $33,000            1 Brought to you by Hagerty…

Five specialist workshops for Toyota cars

Schroeder said the yard has had multiple owners over the past several decades. The most recent was an Illinois businessman who occasionally sold select parts on the Internet, but did not allow many customers into the yard. Creative Auto | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart The 1969 Camaro was more refined than its '67 and 68′ predecessors, looking longer and sitting lower as well as having a sportier hood, flattened wheel wells, and rear slanting air slots near the rear wheels. I'll be prepping several future columns on yards I discovered in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas to run during the upcoming winter months. My hope is this will give readers whose current wardrobes consist mainly of thermal and flannel some relief from "cabin fever." For those readers who live in or nearby the aforementioned states, when these yards are eventually featured in Old Cars Weekly, please make the effort to at least stop in and say "thank you" to the owners for preserving vintage iron. If, in addition, you happen to buy some parts or a whole car to restore, all the better. Published October 31, 2014 at 4608 - 3456 in Last call for parts at Hillard Auto Salvage in Michigan. ← Previous Next -

HKS Super Filter User Review & Reviews  100 “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Ams with drivers dressed like the Bandit to form parade WESTBURY, NEW YORK  – Burt Reynolds fans on Long Island will hold a memorial tribute to the “Smokey and the Bandit” star by driving in a 100 Trans Am parade and drivers dressed in... Related Categories

19?? SPCN ‘32 Ford 18 2d Hi-boy Rds Rod Kit/Replica    $29,000    3 Ssangyong Promotions, Offers, Sales | Singapore Sale - sgCarMart solid a 50-year-old piece as can be found. The Hangar Party offers guests a chance to peruse a display of exotic cars, custom motorcycles, extravagant boats, private jets, vintage aircrafts, luxury motor coaches, premier vendors and more. Automotive author Burt Levy will also host a book signing.

New Toyota Camry Hybrid Trust Motoring Edition Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart By 1941, company PR men claimed Mercury had “made 150,000 owners change cars!” — and that year another 80,000 Mercurys were produced, plus a total of 24,704 more worldwide in 1942 before production shutdown on Feb. 10, 1942, for the duration of World War II. Although its prewar history was short, the Mercury had already earned a reputation for being a fine machine with excellent fuel economy. Edsel Ford had named it after the fleet-footed messenger of the gods of Roman mythology. The Mercury was strongly identified as an upmarket Ford during this period; in 1945, the Lincoln-Mercury Division would be established and Mercury began establishing more of its own identity. Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better

Top Searches Shelby Mustang to highlight Ken Brownlee auction Cars & Stars | New Car Parallel Importer Singapore - sgCarMart New Hyundai Elantra 1.6 GLS (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart Cheap Budget Used Cars & Expensive Premium Used Cars - sgCarMart

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1956 Ford (3) Prevent movement between the line and the bracket, secure the line onto the bracket, but, in the case of hose, never crush nor kink the line. Be aware of the minimum allowable radius for the original hose. It took until May or June to find a tractor, because I didn’t want to get one he didn’t want and be stuck with it,” Cleer said.

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Login - Old Cars Weekly Posted: 29-Sep-2018 Tags: 2009 Toyota Corolla, 2009 toyota corolla, Toyota Corolla, toyota corolla, Toyota, Corolla, corolla, Used Toyota Lexus RX 350 Promotions, Offers, Sales Singapore - sgCarMart

A piece of the Lambrecht urban legend back on the block Whatever your auto repair and service needs are, trust D Motorwerkz for prompt, honest and affordable service. Related Articles

(the hood is in the back), but the truck's shortbox with sidemount spare is as Posted: 22-Sep-2018 Tags: 2012 Ferrari California, 2012 ferrari california, Ferrari California, ferrari california, Ferrari, California, california, Used Ferrari Each material has its own properties that translate into different ride qualities. Do I want to feel every inch of pavement while speeding into corners while driving a vintage Cadillac the size of Kentucky? Personally I wouldn’t, but I am sure there is someone who does. On the flip side there are those whose builds call for rigidity and responsiveness. It all comes down to what you are looking for. The days of one size fits all are over. We have to do our homework. Posted: 27-Sep-2018 Tags: 2012 Volkswagen Touran, 2012 volkswagen touran, Volkswagen Touran, volkswagen touran, Volkswagen, Touran, touran, Used Volkswagen

While we have seen 350 equipped examples do close to $100K, this 396 edition did pretty good for current market conditions. The new owner will have to do little to bring this car up to show-car standards, but with this rat-motor under the hood, it would be fun to take it out and drive it for at least a little while, very well bought. Standard Catalog of American Cars 1804-1942, 3rd Edition 7305Nweb

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1970 Chevrolet CST C10 2d 1/2T PU Mod, SBx    $21,500    2 _________________________________________________

Saratoga Auction funds distracted driving program Used BMW 523i Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart West Virginia bill to allow titles for abandoned vehicles

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(’55-’72) Gopher State Chevys, Box 120561, New Brighton, MN 55112. Joe Poppel, 763-780-9167. Tim Walberg (R-MI) Used Sports Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Q. In a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Texas I noticed this hubcap, but have not been able to match the script on it with any make or model car. I checked my “American Car Spotters Guide” and my “Illustrated Motor Cars of the World” book and came up with nothing. Any idea what car this came from? Familiar 1954 Olds Starfire 98 convertible re-surfaces - Old Cars Weekly

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Used C180 Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart *1919 Pierce-Arrow Series 31 four-passenger roadster. Considered the highest quality car of its day, this highly original example features one of Pierce’s most unusual bodies in cast-aluminum mounted on the very sporty dual-valve, six-cylinder Series 31 chassis.   WALWORTH, Wis. – Mecum Auctions has taken a financial and marketing stake in MidAmerica Auctions beginning with the 23rd annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction & Races. Although the car looks heavy, throttle response and response from the steering wheel is fantastic, the car always feels eager to please and longed to be pushed beyond the speed limit. City driving feel adequate as well as the car feels pretty nimble when negotiating tight turns and bends, especially in shopping centres car park.

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Chrysler Product Restorers Club - Inland Empire Region, 22242 Destello, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Rusty Tillotson. Plymouth Owners Club — Western Canada Region, 923 37th St. SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2A 1C9, Canada. Jim Hand. -

As time passed, it became more obvious that returning the De Soto to its original glory would require a handsome amount of time and money. Since Dr. Fyke was concerned with raising three children and putting them through school, the De Soto was left to languish, falling farther into disrepair. Until a younger generation of Fykes stepped in, it seemed as though the De Soto might go the way of Robinson Brothers and the De Soto marque. In a Nutshell: Grab's SEA takeover of Uber RimPro-Tec Reviews & Info Singapore - sgCarMart

ARCA Archives - Old Cars Weekly Q. The item in the photo appears to be a trunk latch. I found it on my uncle’s work bench. He passed away 15 years ago, so I have no history. I know all of the cars he owned back to the forties. He was a GM man and owned Chevys and Buicks. I thought the emblem was interesting and was curious of the manufacturer. On the back of the casting is a number that starts with W&C, probably the maker of the part. Carway delivers quality and satisfaction

Used Van Vehicle & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. 1978 Corvette Pacecar Archives - Old Cars Weekly Michelin Primacy 3 ST Reviews & Info Singapore

Drunk drivers are more likely to crash

ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. TIMES: Friday & Saturday 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. & Sunday 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Museum News

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Mercedes-Benz unveils new A 35 AMG Recommended Articles Range rover up the stairs! Old Cars Weekly archive – May 15, 2008 issue Whites turn into satisfying restoration projects for Illinois man Story by Brian Earnest; photos from George Kaforski’s collection George Kaforski doesn’t try to sugar coat anything when he talks about what it’s like to own a White steamer. The cars are...

Original Arduns are rare, but more recently engineer-enthusiasts have made improvements to the pushrods, valve seats and metallurgy of Ardun-type heads. Don Ferguson Jr. purchased the tools, drawings and dies, and with modern materials, now produces Ardun head kits, which retail for less than $14,000. Ardun Enterprises is located in Wilmington, Calif., 323-775-6803, Auspicious ways to get good CNY 'car-ma' The car appears to be right-hand drive and has a distinct small door on the left side of the driver suggesting British, Australian, New Zealand or South African origin. I went on the internet to try to identify the model car and I think that it is patterned after a 1930s actual racing car, as the details that have been carved into the model car are too specific to not have been made from an actual racing car or photos of an actual racing car, such as the front and rear leaf springs and other side details, especially the louvers front and rear.

Coe Singapore Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart Sign up for Old Cars Weekly's FREE email newsletter I'll be prepping several future columns on yards I discovered in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas to run during the upcoming winter months. My hope is this will give readers whose current wardrobes consist mainly of thermal and flannel some relief from "cabin fever." For those readers who live in or nearby the aforementioned states, when these yards are eventually featured in Old Cars Weekly, please make the effort to at least stop in and say "thank you" to the owners for preserving vintage iron. If, in addition, you happen to buy some parts or a whole car to restore, all the better. DRIVE! Iconic American Cars and Motorcycles Archives - Old Cars Weekly 1931 Cadillac V-16 Lancefield Convertible Victoria Archives - Old Cars Weekly

For more information, visit 1958 Buick XP 75 Concept

Plan to be at Mecum ( in Indianapolis on May 17 to see this magnificent prototype and place your bid on the next generation of Yenko history! Mecum Seattle Auction slate loaded with muscle Used Truck Vehicle & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart "The 100th Indianapolis 500 will go down as one of the most memorable races in the storied history of the Brickyard. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is proud to receive and display Alexander Rossi's winning car as a testament to his skill and the teamwork and ingenuity that landed him in Victory Lane" said Betsy Smith, executive director of the nonprofit Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation which operates the museum.

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Enjoy scenes of abandoned cars in "Roadside Relics" 145-hp, 350-cid V-8 (below).

Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better At the first sound of the lifters, Buttolph would drop the oil and recycle it into another car, where he would use it another 1,000 miles. “I would take the oil and put it in the Buick or the Cadillac after it had been in the Olds for 2,000 miles,” he said. New Honda Vezel Hybrid Trust Motoring Edition Car Promotions, Offers, Sale - sgCarMart New Ferrari 488 Spider 3.9 (A) Specs | Specifications Singapore - sgCarMart

Glenview, Ill, 11-3/4/5-2011 2007 Porsche Boxster S 2d Conv, 5-Spd    $35,500    3 Used Van Vehicle & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart 1,800 Shell Escape points Last Friday we had the opportunity to see a 1017 Milburn electric cart up close and personal. It was quite a stately and elegant machine. We didn’t get to see this particular car running, but we have seen other electric cars in action and they really have a unique character. It is fun to watch them cruise along, fairly rapidly, in total silence.

Even though the Riviera was a big car the back seat wasn’t huge. As the youngest I had the honored privilege of riding the hump. Kids today don’t know the displeasure of riding the hump. After all these years I still remember the contortion act I had to do every time I entered the car with my two sisters. This was made clear early on this trip. The back vinyl seat had two seams that perfectly laid out where the hump was. This was my area to sit and if I strayed a millimeter from those lines I would feel the wrath of my older sisters. To make the experience even more special, the combination of 100 degree temperatures, vinyl seat, and 1970s “short” shorts made for a flesh ripping and sweaty fun time wedged between two abusive sisters. Well, I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t an authentic car like that … Finally, I decided to tell him that it was a car that I had just built. He thought about it for a second and then he said, ‘Well, you got me fooled. Plan your upcoming year with the 2019 Reader Rides Calendar by Old Cars Weekly. Garage R Pte Ltd | New Car Parallel Importer Singapore - sgCarMart Boss-4

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New MINI Cooper S 5-Door 2.0 (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart Follow this system and you’ll wind up with an easy-to-assemble color-coded restoration. Camaro

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Complete details, including a link to buy tickets or pre-register for the car show are available at To be involved with the auction, backed by Carlisle Auctions, interested parties should call 717-960-6400 or visit In all, it’ll be a fun-filled trio of days with acres of FREE parking, affordable tickets ($10 for adults, kids 12 and under FREE) and automotive fun! Dr. Stephen Hofer (bio below) of Frankfort IL has donated his vast collection of Tucker automobile memorabilia to NATM for their visitors to see. Lowering Spring Reviews and Information - sgCarMart

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Marc Lieberman Foon Audio Garage - sgCarMart Auction Recap: RM Auburn Labor Day sale Related Articles Fab at 50: ‘New Star’ Avanti was born a half century ago - Old Cars Weekly

Naturally, World War II radically changed Humber’s business. Although its cars were popular as military staff vehicles — General Bernard Law Montgomery had two Humber Super Snipes built for his use — the company’s most important products during this period were the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car, a four-wheel-drive vehicle actually based on the Humber passenger car, and the Humber MK IV, an incredibly rugged light armored car. Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum Used All Commercial Vehicles & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Point of Interest Car Park | Carpark & Parking Rates Guide - sgCarMart Login

650 S. Griffin St. Beauty or Beast? 1963 Polara had a look all its own New Toyota Vellfire Car Information Singapore - sgCarMart

Car Review - Porsche 911 Carrera T PDK 3.0 (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Exhaust System Reviews and Information - sgCarMart

- Lancia - 6 models Toyota C-HR Hybrid Promotions, Offers, Sales Singapore - sgCarMart The three-day auction, held on the grounds of Hartung’s museum in Glenview, Ill., was presented by Auctions America by RM. Plenty of pre-sale publicity, generated both by the auction house and “grapevine” word-of-mouth by those familiar with Hartung’s stash of vintage vehicles, automobilia and non-automotive antiques attracted a standing-room-only crowd each day inside a large tent erected on-site to host the auction. Evernham to restore American Graffiti Impala - Old Cars Weekly Chicagoland MG Club, Box 455, Addison, IL 60101. Steve Selan, 847-673-8335.

$87,800 $13,330 /yr 28-Apr-2014 1,595 cc - Luxury Available RARE-Mercedes Benz C-Class C180 BlueEfficiency! Grab FAST Before It's Gone! Only $8,880 Down Payment. Up To 90% Flexible Loan. We Provide Lowest Interest Rate. Flexible Loan And High Trade In Are Avai... RARE-Mercedes Benz C-Class C180 BlueEfficiency! Grab FAST Before It's Gone!Classic Credit Pte Ltd

I'll be prepping several future columns on yards I discovered in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas to run during the upcoming winter months. My hope is this will give readers whose current wardrobes consist mainly of thermal and flannel some relief from "cabin fever." For those readers who live in or nearby the aforementioned states, when these yards are eventually featured in Old Cars Weekly, please make the effort to at least stop in and say "thank you" to the owners for preserving vintage iron. If, in addition, you happen to buy some parts or a whole car to restore, all the better. 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Point S harnesses networked retailing

About 10 years ago, the Bronco’s brakes finally quit working, and Hendrickson parked it next to his cabin in the Wisconsin woods. He debated the merits of restoring, or at least repairing, the Bronco, but he had a bunch of other collector cars and trucks to play with, so the Bronco simply sat. Air Conditioning New Lamborghini Cars, Singapore Car Prices & Listing - sgCarMart car accessories Singapore - sgCarMart I’m 68 years old and I can scare the [bleep] out of myself in no time flat!

Most Reviewed Products Driveway diner Special Interest Vehicles Full Classics® (1915 – 1948): Luxurious, limited production cars distinguished by fine design and engineering innovation. Volvo XC 60.

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$325    5 Published August 17, 2017 at 650 - 382 in Car of the Week: 1957 Ford Thunderbird. ← Previous Next - Mach Lower Skirting (NSY-LS15) Reviews & Info Singapore top-bannere851 - Old Cars Weekly

Peerles-4 72-’73 Mercury Montego GT Registry, 11715 Winterpock Road, Chesterfield, VA 23838. Joe Helbling, 804-639-7289. RM Sotheby’s has released details on the historic automobile with a racing pedigree for its Driven by Disruption sale: a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL ‘Sportabteilung’ Gullwing, chassis no. 5500640.

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An owner’s perspective: 1965 Mustang vs. Corvair - Old Cars Weekly Yutas Auto Service - sgCarMart Related Articles Used Honda Vezel Car for Sale in Singapore, Privilege Group Pte Ltd - sgCarMart

You can’t have a Chevy family without a Nomad — not a ’55 family anyway,” joked Skaar, a resident of Hudson, Wis. Skaar’s assemblage started with a 1955 Bel Air convertible, which he completely restored and he now considers his “driver” of the bunch. From there he began to tackle bigger projects. “We did a 1 ?-ton conventional [cab] truck; then we did a 3/4-ton pickup; then we did a low cab-forward ton-and-a-half to match the conventional cab; then we did the Nomad, and in the process now we have a 1-ton and a half-ton. And then there is a 2-ton low cab-forward, and that will finish the family — and probably me, too!" A once luxurious 1957 Cadillac Series 62 two-door hardtop has not only suffered Audi on demand - a unique mobility concept The esteemed Best in Show Concours d’Elegance Trophy was presented to a 1929 Duesenberg J/SJ Convertible owned by Harry Yeaggy from Cincinnati, Ohio. This Duesenberg J/SJ Convertible has Murphy roadster-style coachwork that was restyled in period by Bohman & Schwartz of Pasadena, California. Styling changes included a lengthened hood, slotted fenders and more modern bumpers. One of the early owners of this car was Edward Beale McLean, who owned the Hope Diamond and whose family owned The Washington Post.

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If you don't subscribe to Old Cars Weekly magazine, you're missing out on the only weekly magazine in the car hobby. And we'll deliver 54 issues a year right to your mailbox every week for less than the price of a oil change! Click here to see what you're missing with Old Cars Weekly! Login New Cayenne is a sports car in an SUV skin

Eventually, according to Cole, Clay "fell into" the old car buying business and he and his mother began the yard 35 years ago when people showed up looking to buy parts. 8 parking courtesies drivers should know The car went back on the lot and a week or so later it was suspiciously "stolen" a second time and recovered later without the engine and transmission. Those who know the car’s story question if the dealership staged the second theft to help recoup its losses. Vehicle sales and transfers to go online Most Reviewed Products

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I think people looked at them as just another version of a Monte Carlo Super Sport, and people just did not keep them,” he said. “They just used them like they were intended … Most of the ones around today are modified and abused. The crowd today likes to put the big wheels on them! [laughs] To me, they look super silly. Recommend this page to your Friends Losing friends The Bonding Strip, Jamie Fiffles, editor, Southern California Chapter —  NCRS

Variety is the spice of life for Amelia Island - Old Cars Weekly 1929 Ford A Std 2d Cpe, V-8, 5W    $6,500    4

COE prices end mostly lower in Sept bid 7. BOOK: David Kimble’s Cutaways Login 1973 Chevrolet C10 2d 1/2T PU, Longbox    $650    5 Color Spray Can Leader

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Skylink Auto Pte Ltd | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart Russo & Steele plans Scottsdale return 1966 Impala Archives - Old Cars Weekly Comfort 4/5 Reliability 4/5 Handling 5/5 Features 4/5 Exterior Styling 5/5 Interior Design 4/5 Value for money 3/5 Engine Performance 5/5

More about car tyres Dormant Wisconsin yard opens briefly for project hunters

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Automotive Collision Repair Services (Workshop) - sgCarMart Published February 28, 2012 at 594 - 258 in From garage build to garage find. ← Previous View models with similar depreciation Instalment $123 (change) Reg Date 03-Nov-2017 Classic cars are stolen every day. Get yours back with LoJack for Classics. Providing a 90% success rate in tracking and recovering stolen cars and trucks, LoJack now offers a stolen vehicle recovery system designed specifically for your one-of-a-kind pride and joy. Visit, use promo code CCEML295 to save $400. Qual Krom

The trade between friends was just the latest strange turn for the purple Plymouth, which has led a star-crossed life since the beginning. It started when a North Carolina man ordered the car from his local dealer in the summer of 1971. He apparently had straight line speed in mind because he chose the optional 440 Six-Pack engine option with FC7 In-Violet paint with a white interior, bucket seats, no console, four-speed, Dana 60 rear end with 4.10 gears, power brakes, manual steering, a rear wing spoiler, dual painted mirrors, hood pins, 15-inch rims, no chrome exhaust tips and no radio. The car showed up at the dealership, but the man’s financing fell through and the car went out on the lot. 1929 Hudson Archives - Old Cars Weekly Romppainen gets his Bel Air out regularly in the summer for shows and car events, and figures he puts about 1,000 miles a year on the car. “I’ve got about 108,000 on it — something like that,” he said. “I only take it out on weekends or in nice weather, of course. I’m pretty fussy with it. If it’s raining, I take my Corvair.” The 70-year-old Romppainen is a longtime member of the Vintage Chevy Club of America and took his Bel Air to the GM 100th anniversary meet in Flint, Mich., in 2008. Robert Bishop, Palm Beach, Florida Related Articles

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Klar Details - sgCarMart Uncle TJ’s Collection Russo and Steele Related Categories car parts Singapore - sgCarMart

Boyertown Museum to hold Cars, Cocktails & Candy event - Old Cars Weekly 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air 4d Sed, V-8, a/c    $400    5 Infiniti = middle age man luxury car wannabe. Powerful engine, quick response, less comfort for more fun, more wind noise than a lexus so we don't fall asleep above 90km/h. Related Categories

First Drive - Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 GDI GLS | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Big Rims Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart 1935 Duesenberg SSJ, sold for $22,000,000 The Nomad is the latest apple of his eye, and Skaar is far from alone in his affection for the first-year Nomads. Even though they weren’t huge sellers, the sporty hardtop wagons have became beloved collector cars — both for their looks and their place in history. 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster    $77,000 660 Smiles Points

This exhibit also includes a full-scale replica of Pope John Paul II’s crypt, a reproduction of the caskets used in the funerals of three previous popes and replicas of papal vestments tailored by a shop that has made vestments for the last seven popes. Visitors can also see two authentic uniforms worn by members of The Swiss Guard (which protects the pope and the Vatican) as well as the 1982 Popemobile. 1959-Impala5 First looks, its has the exact curves and contour of the XE, except that this XF has larger wheelbase, longer and wider body than its little sibling. The 18 inches wheels matches perfectly, not really a need to upgrade further. Electric tailgate is standard compared to the earlier XF that doesn't have at all.

Three vehicle components you should replace on a regular schedule | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart COE prices end mostly lower in Sept bid Related Articles Used Hino Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

The red interior trim beautifully complements the Casino Beige exterior, and the woodgrain finish on the instrument panel is an especially nice touch. Carway delivers quality and satisfaction

Evoking the feeling of a happy hour, Cars, Cocktails & Candy will incorporate specialty cocktails and select wines into a trip through the decades from the 1910s to the 1950s. Each decade will feature a cocktail or wine along with specially paired candies. A car from the Museum’s collection will feature as a backdrop to each decades-themed cocktail and candy station. Histories of the cocktails and cars will also be displayed at each station to give visitors a feel for the different time periods featured. The vehicles featured for this event will be a 1913 SGV Touring Car built in Reading, Pennsylvania, a 1928 LaSalle Convertible with custom luxury coachwork, a 1932 Ford Victoria Coupe with V-8 engine, a 1942 International ambulance used by the United States Marine Corps in World War II, a 1953 Henry J with custom fiberglass body, and a 1958 Ford Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck. ______________________________________________________ GE DIGITAL CAMERA IF

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1957 George Salih Indy Roadster RM Auctions will hold its 20th annual Michigan sale, July 26, in Plymouth. The firmly rooted Motor City sale, the official auction of the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s, is a staple on the North American collector car calendar, and it has carved a reputation over the past two decades as one of the leading events honoring the American automobile.

10. How confident is Goodyear of this product when it hits the market? That still begs the question: Why does a four-door 1960 Chevrolet Impala four-door sedan with a 250-hp Turbo-Thrust 348 and a four-speed with Posi-Traction even exist? The paint is faded, but this 1956 Cadillac Series 62 sedan appears

If you ask retired Old Cars Weekly Research Editor Kenny Buttolph what kind of man he’d call himself — and I have — he’d say he’s a Buick man. That surprised me — I had him pegged as an Olds man through and through. The Corvair was directly responsible for the Mustang. In 1962, bucket seat-equipped Corvair Monzas were selling well and Ford, much to the chagrin of Lee Iacocca, had no direct competitor.  The story of the birth of the Mustang is almost as well-known as tales of Billy the Kid. When the Mustang was introduced, Chevrolet insisted that the Corvair was its answer to the Mustang. It did have an all-new body with a sophisticated new independent rear suspension. However, the Mustang outsold the Corvair by a margin of about three to one. Therefore, the real reason for the Corvair’s demise was probably the Mustang, not Ralph Nader, as people who talk to Corvair owners love to think. Khai Wah Battery & Tyre Pte Ltd Address & Map | Contact - sgCarMart GAN GA+ Reviews & Info Singapore

Ralph Nader became a household name, but the Corvair was eventually discontinued. ۠Mercedes-Benz A-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 ۠Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 F1 Auto Cars Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 TTS Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz B-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate Hybrid ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon F1 Auto Cars Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon Hybrid ۠Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class TTS Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet 2013 ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon Hybrid ۠Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon TTS Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz G-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz G-Class Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe F1 Auto Cars Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe TTS Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class F1 Auto Cars Edition ۠Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe ۠Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz S-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe ۠Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel ۠Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid ۠Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class ۠Mercedes-Benz X-Class Diesel ELKHART LAKE, Wis.,- Road America's Senior Vice President, Mike Kertscher, announced Road America's 2019 season schedule. The four-mile, 14-turn road course will host 10 racing weekends throughout the 2019 season, with a number of weekends encompassing several series' providing non-stop action. "Road America is known for having the most active schedule... Related Categories

  Bob Herbst has a healthy sense of humor, so when Old Cars Weekly 1936 Ford DeL 2d Phae Rod, 289-cid, Auto $32,500 2 The Mustang’s base V-8 engine for 1966 was the G-Code 4.00 x 2.87-inch bore and stroke 289-cid with a 9.3:1 compression ratio and an Autolite two-barrel carburetor. It generated 200 hp at 4400 rpm. The performance options included the A-Code 289-cid Challenger V-8 with a 10.1:1 compression ratio and four-barrel Autolite carburetor, which produced 225 hp at 4,800 and the K-Code Challenger High-Performance V-8. This version of the 289 featured a 10.5:1 compression ratio, a four-barrel Autolite carburetor and solid valve lifters, which helped it make 271 hp at 6,000 rpm.

The Italian tune-up by Ferrari

The initial goal was to simply restore the truck,” said Darell Johnston, RK Fabrication and Team Leader for the Bronco Project. “But as we got to know the Brown family, their vision to make the truck something much greater, much like Chief Brown lived his life, took the build in a new direction. So we stripped it down to the frame and methodically began building the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle. It’s a true reflection on the man we’re honoring. But I think I’ll get a lot of fun out of it. I’m not going to spend all my life going to shows. My wife [Judy] likes the truck a lot, too, and we’re just going to take it out and drive it around on Sunday afternoons and on days when it’s really nice… We’ll take it to some shows and cruise-ins and things. You know, us old people like to sit around and visit with people. We like to sit around and talk, and I’ll probably learn a lot!

1967 Chevrolet Impala 4d HT    $800    4 Isuzu Promotions, Offers, Sales | Singapore Sale - sgCarMart Salvage Yard Ron: Mystery yard of Matador, Texas

European Formula 1 expertise was about to radically change an American tradition. RSChip Chip Tuning User Review & Reviews Recommended Articles ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. Recommended Articles

Celebrated as South Florida’s premier collector car auction, the 16th annual Fort Lauderdale sale will feature approximately 350 quality collector cars and a selection of memorabilia across two days at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. Ranging from American classics to European sports cars, muscle, hot rods, customs and modern collectibles, the sale caters to all segments of the market, from entry-level enthusiasts through seasoned collectors. The RM Auctions Fort Lauderdale digital preview catalogue is now available here. For complete details on the Fort Lauderdale event, as well as an updated list of entries and information on bidder registration, please visit or call RM Auctions at +1 519 352 4575. Posted: 24-Sep-2018 Tags: 2010 Mercedes-Benz E250, 2010 mercedes-benz e250, Mercedes-Benz E250, mercedes-benz e250, Mercedes-Benz, E250, e250, Used Mercedes-Benz Phone: 518-455-5426 Barn Find Drivers Side Frontal 2015a

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Eight useless 'performance' car mods Comfort 5/5 Reliability 5/5 Handling 5/5 Features 5/5 Exterior Styling 5/5 Interior Design 5/5 Value for money 5/5 Engine Performance 5/5 1933 Pontiac victoria straight - Old Cars Weekly

Kaiser Frazier Owners Club International Monthly News Bulletin, Barbara Mueller, editor, KFOCI Related Categories Posted: 30-Sep-2018 Tags: 2010 Citroen Grand, 2010 citroen grand, Citroen Grand, citroen grand, Citroen, Grand, grand, Used Citroen New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon Latest Car Price & Prices Singapore - sgCarMart 1984 Cadillac Eldo 2d Conv, WW hubcaps            $5,000            3

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Academy of Art University's Automobile Museum appoints Chief Executive - Old Cars Weekly Supremo Car Detailer Address & Map | Contact - sgCarMart Cool Cars for Kids, Inc. (CCfK) is a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, PA that brings together families of children with birth defects and classic car enthusiasts who share a common passion and appreciation for the one-of-a-kind. Funds raised from this unique partnership will directly forward its mission by supporting local and national charities – including The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) – to deliver care and support to children and families who struggle with the medical complexities associated with rare diagnoses. For more information, visit Ford Mustang Boss 302 Archives - Old Cars Weekly

With 2018 in the books, the Concours Team would like to thank the entrants and attendees for a wonderful event,” said Tom Jones, Concours Chairman. “We would like to offer a special thank you to Charlie and the Keeneland grounds crew who worked through the night to clean up the previous evening’s storm damage including fallen trees. While not a record attendance — we were blessed with not a single drop of rain, mild temperatures, and no humidity. Some say the best weather in our 15 year history! Related Categories "A nearby shop owner who’s a one-man band and does really nice paint and body work jobs has plenty of work," Kopecky said. "There are enough guys around who may not want off-frame restorations, but they are doing frame-ups." Need to buy or sell your classic car? Looking for parts or memorabilia? Search our huge online classified marketplace

13 Reviews Old coolant can cause internal rust and corrosion. Keep that in mind when purchasing that “barn find” 1963 Corvette. Electrolysis is another issue, and the damage can be extensive over time. Electrolysis is the result of interaction between the various metals inside the engine — steel, cast-iron, lead, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper — which eventually damages head gaskets, heater cores, water-distribution tubes, radiators and freeze plugs. Internal combustion leaks will also accelerate internal corrosion. To avoid this, coolant should be changed periodically and old coolant should be properly disposed. (Local repair or radiator shops will usually accept used coolant for recycling.) A coolant change should include not only draining the radiator, but also flushing the block and heater core to prevent the old coolant from contaminating the new. 1954 Kaiser Special 2-dr sedan: Dark green over Creme, Tan vinyl bolsters with dark green fabric inserts, simulated bamboo dash covering, 226 cid/118 HP Continental Red-Seal in-line six-cylinder/3-speed manual with overdrive. Odometer shows 12,014, unsure if from new or when, figure true miles unknown. Beautiful restoration at least several years old, chrome is impressive but a couple of minor pits noted, paint was deep and spot on colors, interior impressive especially the dashboard. Fitted with AM radio, heater-defroster, clock and “KF” branded Fog lights. Rising on Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels and white walls, this ride was stylish and a rare body style to boot. Condition #2. Sold at $15,500. Comparison - Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC LX (A) & Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI Ambition Plus (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

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Intact Battery Reviews & Info Singapore - sgCarMart Floral Garage Singapore shows love through flowers New Mazda 3 Sedan 1.5 Standard (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart

- Published June 24, 2014 at 650 - 488 in Car of the Week: 1957 Pontiac Chieftain. ← Previous Next - Most Reviewed Products 2017 Lincoln Homecoming

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$4200.00 Top Searches Now 15 years later we still go about our own business; I hope that people don’t forget that day in September. It wasn’t just another day, but a day that time stood still in America and the world. We should support and stand for America, our freedoms, the flag, our National Anthem and the liberties that we are allowed and given. The memory of the veterans that fought and died for us to live in this great country is what it is all about. Stand and support our country. Related Articles

The Iola Old Car Show and the Vintage Military Show aren't the only hip automotive events to hit the greater Iola, Wis., area. The Symco Shakedown rumbles the tiny town of Symco, Wis., with throaty pipes, chirping cheater slicks and the twang of guitars every August. This year's event will be... Singtech Parking Sensor (With Wireless Display) User Review & Reviews

Find out in the 2019 Collector Car Price Guide. New Infiniti Q60 2.0T (A) Specs | Specifications Singapore - sgCarMart New Lotus Cars, Singapore Car Prices & Listing - sgCarMart Used Direct Owner Sale & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart

Login - Old Cars Weekly 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 MeisterWerke Garage offers a wide range of automotive services, and they specialise in Continental makes such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen cars. MeisterWerke Garage are also the official servicing dealer for Fiat commercial vehicles, so you can get the greatest assurance from them for all your servicing and repair needs.

H. Hulsbergen, Freienbach, Switzerland New Audi A3 Sportback 1.4 TFSI S tronic (A) Specs | Specifications Singapore - sgCarMart Used Hatchback Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Quarter mile goes silent in Englishtown after 52 years - Old Cars Weekly

(7) The long-lasting value it adds to your vehicle's appearance while protecting the

Related Categories Wet weather balance with the Potenza S007A olds Facelift articles

1956-ford-1 - Old Cars Weekly Related Articles A. Thanks. I figured it had to be something about the geometry of the rear suspension. Reader Robert De Pew explains it in more detail. Read on. Sign up for Old Cars Weekly's FREE email newsletter

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No options to add at agent. Need to see from international website to try The report, submitted by J.H. Gilson and approved by A.A. Limberg in January 1966, addresses the special design features of the unique project Eldorado. 1965-Mustang-5 - Old Cars Weekly Used Maserati Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Login

A vendor registration form is posted at, or vendors can phone the Region Office at 704-841-1990. A limited number of vendor spaces may be available in the Blue and Orange Flea Market Fields. Most spaces now available are in the Green Field and the Red Field. New vendors are welcome. Ong Hock Chye Trading - sgCarMart I’ve never seen so many Porsches in one place and Pegasos were in abundance as well. Row after row of automobiles, some of which you’ve heard of but never seen, certainly created a WOW factor. Racing fans would not be disappointed with the great selection of both vintage and new models. Comparison - Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC LX (A) & Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI Ambition Plus (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart LCD Screen Update

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Empire Garage Pte Ltd - sgCarMart After installing the smaller bearing and race at the outer end of the hub, slide the hub/disc onto the stub axle. This may knock the small outer bearing loose. If so, just put it back in the hub by hand. When properly positioned, the large inner end of the hub is against the once-forgotten dust shield. New Renault Cars, Singapore Car Prices & Listing - sgCarMart

Class M-3: Ferraris in the Pebble Beach Road Races 1955 Buick Century

Easy Car Pte Ltd | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart France barn find worth millions Story and Photos by Ron Kowalke

Related Articles I guess he just had this idea of putting the tiara on the Mercury,” Miller said. “He just liked the idea. He felt, and I do, too, that the crown molding on the car looks better on a Mercury than it does on a Ford. I think it flows better. Show us your wheels! Ace Chrome & Restorations Pte Ltd Reviews & Comments | Feedback - sgCarMart

New Toyota Vios Latest Car Price & Prices Singapore - sgCarMart Saturday evening’s dinner speaker will be Jack Telnack, retired global vice president of design for Ford Motor Company (1980 to 1997) and a member of the Automotive Hall of Fame. Try as I might, I couldn't get the Buick's hood open. After struggling to the point of gashing my hand, I gave up. The car was already a faded red with a white top, so at that point I nicknamed it "Red Cross," because I donated a pint of blood all over the hood release. Awesome Car Shop Accessories Pte Ltd (AWS) - sgCarMart

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News | Car & Automotive News - sgCarMart In celebration of the 40th anniversary of his record-setting fourth Indianapolis 500 win, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is proud to present a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit honoring auto racing icon A.J. Foyt, opening April 14. A.J. Foyt:  A Legendary Exhibition, presented by ABC Supply is a limited-run celebration that traces the superstar's...

Kennyvair4 Floral Garage Singapore shows love through flowers BMW introduces new fourth generation X5 in Georgia | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart IF If you’ve got an old car you love, we want to hear about it. E-mail us at

By ‘Rotten’ Rodney Bauman In any given facet of the automotive trade, it pays to pay attention to technology. In my own protective bubble as an automotive painter, technological advancements have made their way through the chemistry we use, as well as how we use it, all the way into the... Honda Maintenance Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart Kaizen Autowerke Pte Ltd - Repair & Servicing Related Categories

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New Model: Brooklin 1948 Tucker in Green - Old Cars Weekly A little over a year ago, some 47 years after parting with his ’59, Conger went shopping for another early ’Vette. He had his sights firmly fixed on a ’61, and he was willing to gamble a bit on one. “I started looking on different sites and this one was actually on eBay originally, and it’s the one I ended up buying out of Houston, Texas,” he says of his stunning Jewel Blue roadster. “I bought it sight-unseen, just a lot of pictures.

* Interior:  Custom leather seats and panels by Twin City Upholstery Related Articles Before I met Frank, I was big-time frustrated,” he said. “People had Nomad parts, but they were used. If you are going to build this kind of stuff, you gotta have NOS parts.

CARLISLE, PA – It took forever for the feeling of spring to go from concept to reality in central Pennsylvania, but when it did, the amazing weather served as the perfect backdrop for Carlisle Auctions and its second auction event of the year.  For three days, the Carlisle Expo Center came to... Related Articles Published July 19, 2018 at 1600 - 1200 in 1959 Cadillac Eldorados and other rarities auctioned by VanDerBrink Auctions. ← Previous Next -

Email: Lexus RXL is a lovely SUV that fits seven

Pioneer AVH-X1650DVD User Review & Reviews Show us your wheels! If you’ve got an old car you love, we want to hear about it. Email us at

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Sam’s father had sought a Huntsville, Ala.-built Keller since about 1980 because it was built in the family’s home state, but with only 18 built and three known to still exist, the search was tough. In 1996, they found the example they displayed at the show. Sam’s restoration was so fresh, the paint had barely dried. Car Review - Hyundai i30 Wagon 1.4 GLS DCT Turbo (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Posted: 01-Oct-2018 Tags: 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer, 2010 mitsubishi lancer, Mitsubishi Lancer, mitsubishi lancer, Mitsubishi, Lancer, lancer, Used Mitsubishi Car of the Week: 1975 Pontiac Trans Am - Old Cars Weekly New Lexus GS 300 2.0 Luxury (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart

In reality, there were several dream machines at the sale. The 1939-’40 Pontiac Deluxe Six sedan made of plexiglas and long in the collection of the late Frank Kleptz sold within its estimated range for $280,000 ($308,000 after 10 percent buyer’s commission was added). Although the pre-sale buzz around this car was the strongest of any other car offered during the sale, its price was overshadowed by two Classic-era heavy hitters: a Duesenberg Murphy convertible sedan, called sold for $640,000 before commission, and the top sale of the day, a 1932 Packard with convertible sedan coachwork by Dietrich hammered at $1 million before commission.    — William A. Lloyd, Las Cruces, N.M. What are they worth? Find out in the 2019 Collector Car Price Guide Thomasville Classics puts the yard in salvage yard

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Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better Personal Data Protection Statement

We are a museum, a place where people can view and learn about history,’’ Grams said in a statement. “History is not a book to be edited where you can just keep the parts you like and erase the parts you do not like. The TV show happened. The General Lee wore a Confederate flag. … Erasing it will not change the facts. Jie Heng Motoring | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart Related Articles

RM Auctions All Advice Categories Finding a balance in the wet with the Bridgestone Potenza S007A | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Related Categories

In a Nutshell: Uber's unhired fleet floods market

Refrigeration System Theory Work to restore the engine started with finding a correct 283-cid Power Pack four-barrel V-8 engine coded for a Powerglide transmission, the original setup in Cox’s car. This engine would replace the 307-cid V-8 that his father’s coworker had purchased from OMC, their employer. Used Chrysler Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

Among the fleet of buses that are part of the inventory of Baughman's Auto Jacob's Car Trading | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart Login

Ford Find: Fan finds uncle’s long-lost ’46 hiding in barn - Old Cars Weekly Top Searches Model T Ford Club International — Tinkerin T’s, Route 3, 4978 W. 52nd St., Baldwin, MI 49304. Leon Rader. Matters Singapore - sgCarMart

Portland Expo Center Auburn, Indiana - Worldwide Auctioneers has consigned an outstanding private collection for its 11th annual The Auburn Auction in Indiana on Saturday, September 1st, to be offered entirely without reserve. The Jack & Donna Steele Pontiac Collection will showcase 24 exceptional cars, each exemplifying the best of its kind. “This expertly curated collection is simply incredible; a decades long labor of love dedicated to assembling the greatest examples possible,” said John Kruse, Principal & Auctioneer. “From the finest '62 Super Duty to the very best '73 Super Duty, every car is genuinely special and each possesses unique and desirable qualities. New Toyota Liteace Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart

Hyundai Santa Fe Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart

Seeker Glass Coat Set User Review & Reviews Rob Myers to receive Nicola Bulgari Award TS_Auto | MCF Marketplace

Liqui Moly Window Cleaner Foam User Review & Reviews Login - Old Cars Weekly Brian Grams, museum director, says he’s gotten lots queries about whether the car will stay amid calls around the country for Confederate flags to be removed from public display after the fatal shooting of nine black people at a church in Charleston, S.C. Related Categories

Tue - Fri: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Class P: Eisenhower Era Dream Convertibles

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(9 Reviews) Specialises in Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lotus, Volkswagen, Audi Blk 1010 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-119 S(159724) (map) 9am - 6.30 pm (Mon - Fri) Closed on Sat Sun & PHs 65421151 Power Enhancement, Specialty Workshops, Vintage Vehicle Workshops, Repair & Servicing, Accessories Retail, Accident Repair & Claims, Air Conditioning, Handling & Safety (show more) 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Archives - Old Cars Weekly Backroads with Kenny: Chasing Chryslers

Have you been racking your brain trying to identify a car in that stack of old photos? Why not test the minds of your fellow hobbyists? Submit your photo and we’ll post it on the Old Cars website. Someone might just solve your mystery! Email: Simplex - Old Cars Weekly New Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 PureTech S&S EAT6 Explorer Edition (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart Neglecting these things in your car will cost you a fortune | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

-       Experience the wonderment of the innovative design used to pull off such a revolutionary feat The Keno Brothers and their team of automotive experts will be demonstrating the brand’s roots and expertise in the worlds of art and automotive during the two-day Rolling Sculpture event that will include a Symposium, entitled ‘At the Crossroads of Art, Engineering and Technology, the Many Facets of Historic Automobiles’ as well as Selected Automobilia from the Collection of Werner Pfister. 1980-Gran-Fury-1

Car Model Price Dealer Built in User Rating

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Enter 2010. My follow-up attempt to enter Hayes Auto Salvage began badly. The cable strung across the entryway fence was taken down, but a "closed" sign was propped up against the fence. Knowing it had come down to now or never, I drove into the yard and parked near the house on the grounds. Related Articles Haire said he still drives one of his 1940s Plymouths almost every day that the weather allows, but he isn’t taking many chances with his station wagon, at least for now. There were only 12,913 built, and it’s a fair assumption that there are none remaining that are any nicer than Haire’s car. That means there will be no trips on any busy roads for a while.

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Carlisle Auctions wraps up 2017 season in Florida Login Car of the Week: 1961 Chevrolet Corvette It’s simply hard to imagine that Anspach, a rookie in the old car hobby at the time, bought a super-cheap make and model of car he had never even seen before, dragged it across the country to his home, found a bunch of other guys who knew something about the car, and somehow magically morphed the little Crosley into a beautiful show car. These days, his little red gem regularly lines up with cars 100 times more valuable — literally — and often leaves with best-in-class concours hardware. Q&A with Kit Foster: December 11, 2014 - Old Cars Weekly

1938 Graham convertible by Saoutchik offered for sale Reverse camera with display A long list of standard goodies included a big hood scoop for Ram-Air induction, fat dual exhaust pipes, a column-mounted Sun tachometer and Bendix front disc brakes. Blue-finished five-spoke mag-style wheels, 14 x 6-inch rims, wheel trim rings and fat red-striped Goodyear tires were also standard. The interior was done in plain-looking gray vinyl with red-white-and-blue headrests. Yellowstone Trail Association honors OCW alumni

Among the finer points that company tried to hammer home with prospective buyers were “Fisher No Draft Ventilation,” solid steel turret-top bodies, standard safety glass, Knee-Action suspension, hydraulic brakes, ride stabilizer, “All-Silent Shifting”, and interior amenities like door arm rests, ash trays, vent windows, assist cords and a recessed foot rail. About the RM Sotheby’s Group Login 2003 Ferrari Enzo at $2,860,000 Used TD Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

1977 Gilmore Coyote Subaru Impreza Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart Rotiform Nue Forged User Review & Reviews Finding a balance in the wet with the Bridgestone Potenza S007A | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

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Dormant Wisconsin yard opens briefly for project hunters The Packard Club — Mid-Atlantic Packards, Box 123, Fulton, MD 20759. William Johnson, 301-953-7208, I kept thinking, ‘I will get you one of these days. Just hang on.

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Volvo Car & Cars Singapore - sgCarMart 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Dave Changed clothes and took off on the Trail, with several traffic lights and hills greeting us before we left Hudson. Finally we got out of town and had a pleasant ride along Highway 12. The sun was shining and it was a little chilly. Dave's GPS said he was going 22-23 mph. Great weather for not overheating and we had no problems in that regard. That was the good news.

The truck was purchased new by Mary and Janet Currie whose shop was situated in Brodick on Arran. They used it to deliver "dry goods" around the island (‘M & J Currie, Merchants, Brodick, Telephone 12’ is still emblazoned on the driver’s door).Subsequent owners have also left their liveries on this commercial vehicle including the War Department which purchased it during 1939 for service in Scotland with the census number L4411082 (still visible on the nearside bonnet). MORE RESOURCES FOR CAR COLLECTORS FROM OLDCARSWEEKLY.COM Maxus Pricelist | Cycle & Carriage Commercial Vehicle Centre (Maxus) Pricelist - sgCarMart AACA — Butler/Old Stone House Region, 458 Whitestown Road, Butler, PA 16001. Stephen Puskas.

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Everything is bigger in Texas! The Rick Smith Collection Auction Honeymoon continues for 1956 Olds 88 - Old Cars Weekly Walking among the rows within the quarry’s walls, spotted were a healthy supply of first-generation Ford Mustang hardtops, Pontiac Fiero coupes, early Plymouth Barracudas (most with their rear "greenhouse" glass intact), tri-Chevys (many body styles), 1950s-’60s pickups, vintage tractors and several old stock cars. (Joe Hayes was a terror on east-central Kansas dirt tracks back in the day.) SEASIDE, Calif. – What started as the anti-concours has transformed into a major event on the Monterey Car Week schedule. When Jay Leno and Wayne Carini regularly attend a happening, you know that it has arrived.

Related Articles 0314-rm-amelia Recommend this page to your Friends Don “Big Daddy” Garlits is a living and still-racing legend. The world-famous drag racer innovated from behind the wheel, and one of those cars to sport his innovations is Swamp Rat 12-A. This dragster was built in 1967 with a 137-inch-wheelbase chassis as an experiment. Garlits admitted it was a failure on the track. He sold it, then bought it back in 1987. Again, it then sat. In 2007, “MoPar called me to see if I would like to build a 6.4 (liter), late-model Hemi blown-fuel engine. I did and installed it into Swamp Rat 12-A,” Garlits said.

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Recommend this page to your Friends The 1956 Firebird II concept car was one of the industry’s first vehicle concepts that explored automated driving. The concept had an electronic brain that connected to a future highway called the Safety Autoway, which was equipped with metallic conductor embedded in the roadway. The conductor would allow the car to drive in automated mode.

The ultimate Model T books is back, in paperback! By Brian Earnest

1939 Nimbus Model C Luxuswith Sidecar One of the most mesmerizing Cadillac photos included in my book "Cadillac: 100 Years of Innovation" written for General Motors shows a 1941 Cadillac sedan with Series 60-style door window frames, flow-through fenders as found on 1942-and-later Buicks and tastefully absent brightwork. This unique Cadillac built for the Duke of Windsor...

I’ve had it a long time and I’ve got my heart and soul into it. For now, it’s going to stay in the museum until somebody else wants it. AUBURN, Ind. _ Auctions America achieved one of its best Auburn Spring results to date May 11 – 13, generating nearly $10.2 million in total sales at the Auburn Auction Park. The three-day sale saw nearly 350 vehicles and 450 lots of automobilia cross the podium. A featured attraction of this...

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Similar to the GT and GTA divisions, the highly-competitive GTS class hosts a spectacular group of machinery and a strong driver lineup.   4-H project Cheever, Franchitti, McLaren Join 2017 Auto Racing Hall of Fame Ballot - Old Cars Weekly Noon – 2 p.m.

New Audi A5 Cabriolet Car Information Singapore - sgCarMart COE prices end mostly lower in Sept bid The Arizona Concours d’Elegance is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of Arizona, with federal 501(c)(3) status.  2018 Concorso Italiano Best of Show goes to 1951 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS

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1964 Oldsmobile Starfire The Thunderbird’s longer, larger, finned rear fenders ended above large round tail lamps. The rear bumper was also enlarged and had more curves than in the past. Built-in exhaust outlets were featured at either side. The license plate was mounted in the center of the rear bumper. A badge on the center of the rear deck lid, shaped like a stylized Thunderbird, identified the model. Volkswagen ups its aftersales ante Former AACA Museum President and GM Vice President Darwin Clark Passed Away - Old Cars Weekly 1st: 1937 Cadillac Series 90 Hartmann Cabriolet,

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Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum BMW Pricelist | Performance Motors Pricelist - sgCarMart Acker can easily rattle off his car’s list of options and standard equipment. They are the same boxes that were checked on his first car. “It’s got the 350-horse 327 [V-8], wide-ratio four-speed, Marina Blue with the black vinyl interior, AM/FM radio, 3:36 Posi-Traction rear end. And this car has the bolt-on wheels. They are the repros and they were on it when I bought it in ’96. And that’s it … no power anything. No power brakes, no power steering. It’s not air-conditioned or anything, so it can get kind of hot in the summer. Related Categories Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better

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"Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth was an American original and then some," said Warner. "He is as much a part of America's fifties' and sixties' culture as drive-in movies and restaurants, street racing and transistor radios," said Warner. "Tom Wolfe got it right."  Used Honda Insight Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart

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Johnson fondly recalls the 1955 Nash he had in his younger days, and he’s had plenty of cars and a variety of makes and models come through his driveway over the years. He’s owned a 1958 Chevrolet Impala since 1960 — “that was my first good car!” — and his fleet these days includes 1949, ’52, ’53 and ’61 Kaisers; a 1951 Frazer four-door convertible; 1967 AMC Marlin; and 1967 AMC Ambassador convertible. The ’54 Nash is new kid in the garage these days, so it gets plenty of attention. First Glance: Tom Mack Auctions has 'Big Thursday' Login - Old Cars Weekly Before I turned 70, I was here from dawn to dusk,” Jenkins recalled. “[Now], any excuse to spend time away from here I’ll do it.

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Peerles-4 Login - Old Cars Weekly Used Van Vehicle & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart 1) Comfort - for that size and price range, i feel it is a value buy and comfort interior. not as stiff as some MPV.

Jack Cars Service Centre - sgCarMart A. The dished shape spells “Model T Ford” for sure. The late Bruce McCalley’s “Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World” gives great detail on the evolution of the Model T from 1908 to 1927. He tells us that the steering wheel increased from 14-1/4 inches in diameter to 15 in 1911, to 16 in 1920, then to 17 for the final two years, 1926 and ’27. However, by then it was no longer wood but a synthetic material called “Fordite,” and the spokes were pressed steel, not forged. Fordite was made by recycling baked lacquer from the paint booths, very characteristic of Ford’s frugal ways. I believe your wood-rimmed wheel with the forged “spider” is an aftermarket item. Engine Oil Reviews and Information - sgCarMart The new interior material from SMS Auto Fabrics even included the black mat

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More info about this shop Bring it on…the auction season has started!

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First Cars Archives - Old Cars Weekly Dec 13, 2018                  11/15/2018                11/23/2018 e15 Archives - Old Cars Weekly 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EX Car Information Singapore - sgCarMart Fitness & Sports Equipment Reviews & Listings in Singapore

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Rapid Automobile Repair Pte Ltd (This is all based on personal preferences; some parts may be subjective) Related Articles Pfaff bought the Dodge Polara three years ago, put a bit of work into it and has already taken second-place awards at several local car shows. A printer in Ripon, Wis., by trade, Kevin put a lot of energy into detailing the exterior and interior of the cart. In addition to the cosmetics, he completed a drive-train rebuild (with some upgrades) and also had the push-button TorqueFlite automatic transmission gone through so it works the way it should. New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart

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Over the concours weekend David Hobbs will be signing his memoir, Hobbo, in the Road & Track tent. Wayne Carini will be filming an episode of Chasing Classic Cars and hosting a presentation of special cars on the field. Used Joylong Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Daimler Fleet Management Singapore Pte Ltd | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart Car Review - Toyota Alphard 2.5 Elegance (A) 1958 Ford Thunderbird Archives - Old Cars Weekly

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__________________________ Singapore Used Car Listings - sgCarMart As with any good story, the tale of the Volo’s General Lee took a couple of unlikely turns. Originally, there were three General Lees built for the show, which in the beginning was filmed in Georgia. The cars were painted orange and given a NASCAR style “01” on the doors with a Confederate flag on the roof. It wasn’t long before five more cars were built to keep up with the carnage during the Georgia filming. When the series moved to California for filming after the first season, Don Schisler, who worked as a transportation coordinator on the show as one of the men responsible for getting cars ready for the cameras, somehow talked the studio into selling him one of the leftover cars that hadn’t yet been used onscreen. The Pontiac Transportation Museum Jun 2 FL, Bushnell. Auto Swap Meet, Car Corral & Car Show. Sumter County Fairgounds - 7620 S.R. 471. 8am-3pm. 727-848-7171,

Used BMW M3 Car for Sale in Singapore, Advantage Automotive Pte Ltd - sgCarMart Car Accessories & Parts Review | Reviews Singapore - sgCarMart Eight useless 'performance' car mods Longtime OCW reader, advertiser David Sinclair dies - Old Cars Weekly

Tyres & Rims pace car Kayair Engineering Co. - sgCarMart DBA 4x4 T2 Distributed by : The Brake Shop Pte Ltd (5 Authorised Dealers) Category : Car Performance Parts, Brake Kit Bi-Symmetrical T2 curve slots dampen the vibration harmonics or noise, resulting in a quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel. First Drive - Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 R CRDi GLS (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart


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