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1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A 1500 Continental Coupe It seemed only right to have the trio of 1956 MK IIs originally owned by the Ford brothers,” says Rick, “so we bought the car and dove into the project, taking on our biggest restoration challenge yet. It is now a stunning car, and we’re thrilled to bring it to Pebble Beach. Runaway Road Runner

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Pro-hobby license plate bills introduced in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland Bills have been introduced in New York and Massachusetts that would require the display of a single license plate, while Maryland is working to offer a reproduction license plate with the colors of the black-and-yellow 1910 plate. The single license... component speaker Singapore - sgCarMart

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One of the common, common things is guys spraying the metallics — they get the mottling and the zebra striping. …They are tilting the gun too much or they don’t have the proper adjustment with the gun, so it’s shooting too much on the top and bottom, and you wind up with stripes down the side. With mottling, it’s the same thing — you get the blotchy spots. You see even a lot of the modern cars that come from the manufacturers, you see a lot of the silvers and golds that are real blotchy. The base coat-clear coat system does help prevent that, but it’s still possible to do it and it does happen. Point S harnesses networked retailing Login 1929-Hudson5 - Old Cars Weekly 59 Bel Air

(9 Reviews) Specialises in Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Lotus, Volkswagen, Audi Blk 1010 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-119 S(159724) (map) 9am - 6.30 pm (Mon - Fri) Closed on Sat Sun & PHs 65421151 Power Enhancement, Specialty Workshops, Vintage Vehicle Workshops, Repair & Servicing, Accessories Retail, Accident Repair & Claims, Air Conditioning, Handling & Safety (show more)

"I went to auctions around Florence and started buying old cars, trucks and tractors," Hayes explained of his fresh start in the quarry. "I used to attend farm sales and buy old cars for next to nothing, but those days are gone." Get car pricing, data and history all in one place

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E-M-F Registry, 5901 Azalea Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93306. Paul Anthony, 661-871-5043. Clarion probably paid a few hundred dollars for it and brought it back to Bismarck,” Pearce guessed. “My dad — who passed away in 1978 — was a handy guy who had a workshop and mechanical know-how; he helped Clarion get it running.” Pearce said the two men worked on the car for about a year. “They broke down the engine, transmission and water pump,” he added. “They got it operating and it ran fairly well. It was a well-known old car in Bismarck. Then there was the deathtrap ’81 Ford Escort I purchased with 90,000 hard earned miles on it. It was as rusty as it was cheap. Having no money and a questionable car turned me into a young MacGyver. I learned that a well-placed stab of a screwdriver into a cracked starter solenoid would do the trick getting you rolling on cold mornings. I often joked that I only rented parts from the salvage yard with that car. I eventually retired it to the yard that most of the replacement parts came from. At one time it had a hive of bees living in the door. I also utilized a well-positioned cooler behind the front bucket seat to keep it upright due to the rusted out mounting bolts. Not the best solution but effective. Ralph Nader would not have approved. Towards the end I ran straight 40-weight industrial crane oil in the crankcase to keep it alive. This was not a safe or glamorous car. Land Rover

Audi S4 3.0A TFSI Quattro S-tronic $65,000 $22,420 /yr 31-Mar-2010 2,995 cc 135,000 km Available Great Condition. Still Under Audi Ubi Servicing Package, 2 Free Servicing Left. No Track, No Accidents. Office No. - - Peter - 96529226

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Pre-owned Ferrari ownership made better Astro International Movers Reviews & Comments | Feedback - sgCarMart Kumho Solus KL21 User Review & Reviews

Car Review - Ferrari GTC4Lusso T 3.9 (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Vehicle judging will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday. A ladies luncheon will be held at 11:30 a.m. in The Hotel Hershey. Juniors at Hershey will run from noon to 2 p.m. in front of the Giant Center. Auburn-speedster-4 Related Categories From concept to production, the all new Lexus UX

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Published March 4, 2018 at 3024 - 4032 in Everything is bigger in Texas! The Rick Smith Collection Auction. ← Previous Next - Car Model Price Dealer Built in User Rating Getting rid of dirt on your steering wheel Turning back time at Elkhart Lake

Related Categories Dallas Hershey, PA - The AACA Museum, Inc. celebrates Mom every day, but visit this Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13th for a special treat. All moms will receive FREE admission and a complimentary rose, while supplies last. Mothers do so much every day; take a break and visit the AACA Museum, Inc. for a chance to spend the day together and celebrate...

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Pontiac Trans Am On older engines, problems that the engineers who wrote the repair manuals have never dreamed of may appear. I have occasionally encountered warped and cracked carburetors and manifolds when I operated my tune-up shop. On one occasion, I encountered a porous intake manifold, which was very tricky to find. Emission controls, such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves, can also cause numerous carburetion problems. On mid-’60s vehicles with Air Injection Reactor (A.I.R.) systems where air is pumped into the exhaust manifolds, the carbon vanes inside the pump will occasionally disintegrate. This causes carbon chunks to block open the diverter valve and lean out the mixture. Clamping off the hoses will reveal if that is the issue. Need to buy or sell your classic car? Looking for parts or memorabilia? Search our huge online classified marketplace

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The Texas Classic Auction Preview & Cocktail Reception – Arlington Convention Center – Enjoy cocktails and light fare as the Concours d’Elegance of Texas kicks off with an exclusive preview of the great motorcars lined up for Saturday’s Texas Classic Auction. What is not generally known about the 1953 Starfire is that more than one was built. According to an Oldsmobile Engineering Log Book originally belonging to the father of John Perkins (also retired from Oldsmobile), three Starfires were built. A GM employee in the early 1970s told Mr. Perkins that he personally cut up two 1953 Starfires. Incidentally, John’s father purchased two sets (front and back) of 1953 Starfire seats at an Oldsmobile salvage sale around 1955. The existence of these two sets of seats seems to corroborate the claim of two of them being scrapped. However, one Starfire cannot be accounted for, leaving open the possibility it has survived. Recommended Articles The paint is faded, but this 1956 Cadillac Series 62 sedan appears Cheever, Franchitti, McLaren Join 2017 Auto Racing Hall of Fame Ballot

  NAPA Auto Parts Display – All weekend Additional information on upcoming RM Sotheby’s events is available at Further details on early 2018 events will be released later this month. Automotive journalist Jim Mateja dead at 71 - Old Cars Weekly Evernham took a trip to see American Graffiti as a teenager and it changed his life. Today, he is leading the preservation of this iconic 1958 Chevy Impala, which was featured in the 1973 George Lucas film and is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable movie cars of all time.

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Audi adds five new models for 2020 lineup Model A Ford Club of America — Salt Creek, 611 Harding Ave., La Grange Park, IL 60526. Bill Gorski, 630-257-8765. Eight VW/Audi workshops you can visit

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New BMW X5 is sharper, faster and larger Kim Swee Auto Services - sgCarMart A devout Christian, Osborne graduated Rhema Bible School in Oklahoma City, later moving to Texas. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth; children Roland IV, Lisa, Coleman, Chrysta, Jason, and Jacob; along with seven grandchildren, several nieces and nephews and numerous friends, associates and followers.

Unitronic Direct Fit Intercooler Kit Reviews & Info Singapore Margaret Dunning, 104-year-old Packard owner, dies

First Drive - Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 R CRDi GLS (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Used COE Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Mercedes launches the new CLS in Singapore A-1 Auto Salvage to hold auction, then close Get car pricing, data and history all in one place

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Campbell’s 1910 needed a total ground-up makeover if it was going to meet his standards, and that’s what it got. The toughest part, and the biggest surprise, he said, was when he got the engine apart and realized how the motor had been pieced together to keep it running. 1907-Wolfe-2 - Old Cars Weekly

Do you see hobbyists shifting away from certain types of vehicles and towards others? Not on our end. By Yvette VanDerBrink A Candy Store of Rare, Unique, Micro, Orphan, & Amazing Cars & Trucks For many guys, who just want one classic car in their garage to work with, one is enough. Then there is Ron Hackenberger, cars to him were like being a kid in a candy store... Dormant Wisconsin yard opens briefly for project hunters - Old Cars Weekly Sunliner or Skyliner mattered naught, as a black 1956 hammered sold at $59,000, and a two tone 1957 found a new owner at $57,500. A # 1 condition 1954 Mercury Monterey was not to be out done as it garnered $63,000 commission inclusive.

Used Mid-Sized Sedan Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart other tri-Chevy models in the yard. Examples include every body style produced The event featured nearly 1,200 collector vehicles all for sale at No Reserve and nearly 40 hours of live, high-definition TV coverage on SPEED.  The Museum is located within the 2,500 acre Saratoga Spa State Park, in the heart of historic Saratoga Springs, New York, world famous for its legendary, much honored one-mile thoroughbred track. The museum’s facility is the totally restored and renovated Saratoga Bottling Plant, a beautiful neo-classic structure built in 1934. The Museum is adjacent to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and near the landmark Gideon Putnam Hotel. Within walking distance in the Park are the National Museum of Dance, the Spa Little Theatre and the lavish Hall of Springs banquet facility. Car Review - Hyundai i30 Wagon 1.4 GLS DCT Turbo (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Login Published July 19, 2013 at 640 - 480 in Chevrolet vehicles with low mileage unearthed by VanDerBrink. ← Previous Next - Guided tour of Blackhawk Museum's Automotive Gallery

Registration materials can be found here >> 2016 Summer Camp Registration Forms Also wholesale a product line of Chevrolet parts for 1955-’57 Chevrolet cars; 1948-’72 Chevrolet trucks; Camaros; and Chevelles.

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1947 Dodge 2d, Cab & chassis only    $3,700    5 Ground Zero GZPA Reference 4 User Review & Reviews Tempest Sport Coupe. A peek under its open hood finds it powered by the (left)

Singapore No.1 Car Site for New Car & Used Cars - sgCarMart Recently, I purchased some synthetic oil from a large chain store. I will not say which store but… it ends in “Mart.” With my car up on jack stands and drained empty, I went to retrieve the fresh jug of oil, only to find that the top was a bit dirty. I thought that was odd, but I figured the factory was messy filling the bottle. As I poked my finger into the foil it became apparent an unscrupulous individual took me. As my finger punched through, I realized the folly in assuming the best of the situation. The foil was way too thin to be from the factory. Sure enough, the oil was blacker than coal. Some dirtbag returned his used oil and the aforementioned chain store simply put it back on the shelf without checking the goods. DSC_5056 - Old Cars Weekly car care products Singapore - sgCarMart Related Categories

Singapore No.1 Car Site for New Car & Used Cars - sgCarMart 1st:     1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Scaglietti Berlinetta Competizione, Big Fork Holdings, LLC., Menlo Park, California In the mid ’50s, the two uncles on my mother’s side drove Pontiacs. Uncle Romy owned a 1952 Chieftain two-door hardtop that was Belfast Green over Sea Mist Green and Uncle Richie drove me around rural Denmark, Wis., in his 1953 two-door hardtop Custom Catalina in Laurel Green over Malano Ivory. The amber-glowing Chief on the hood guided his magnificent Pontiac down the dusty Glenmore roads. Used COE Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart

PO Box 305 Pioneer AVH-A205BT Car AV Reviews & Info Singapore A like-new white vinyl top provides plenty of eye appeal on this 1969 Pontiac

Accident Repair & Claims Related Categories Used MPV Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart More information visit Pioneer TS-D160R User Review & Reviews

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$112,000 $11,140 /yr 09-Jun-2017 1,999 cc 19,700 km Hatchback Available Pre Collision And Lane Departure Warning, Apple Carplay And Android Auto, 5 Years Warranty With Authorised Distributor, Ceramic Coating With 5 Years Warranty. Reluctant Sale. Condition Like Brand New.... Only One On The Market. Condition Like Brand New. View To Believe. Report Error in Product Information - sgCarMart Insightful tweaks for the latest Insight ______________________

8.Particularly quiet drive, close to hybrid like the Prius Alpha or Prius+ The Packard Club — Northern Calfornia Packards, Box 7763, Fremont, CA 94537. George Beck, 925-933-1486, Mid-America Old Time Automobile Association — Mid-South Regional Old Car Club, Box 7117, Monroe, LA 71211. Charles Rand, Jr., 318-361-9645. Car Model Price Dealer Built in User Rating

How many Charger 500s were actually built? Some sources state more than 500 were produced (559 or 548, depending on the source), while other experts in the hobby put the number at 392. That’s shy of the 500 required for homologation largely because production of the Charger 500 and the Charger Daytona — both built at Creative Industries — overlapped, and more attention was being paid to the winged car, since it would be the one raced. Simota Replacement Air Filter User Review & Reviews New Ssangyong Rexton 2.0 7-Seater (A) Specs | Specifications Singapore - sgCarMart

The car is complete and still has its original spare tire in the Model T Ford Club of America — Greater St. Louis Chapter, 52 Wanesboro Court, St. Charles, MO 63304. Don Hoelscher. I remember another auction that I ran in South Dakota. It was an ugly divorce and the car collection was tangled up in the middle. We were doing inventory and I quietly went outside so they could have their privacy. My seller came out of the house, clearly shaken, and sat down. He said, “You know, I’ve spent many hours, dollars, and time buying all these cars. She knew I loved them and knew where to get me. She hated them when we were married, and now that we’re getting divorced she all of a sudden is interested in them.” I wasn’t sure of what to say at that point, but he turned and said, “ I should have never got married, bought more cars, and just bought a better lawn mower. She didn’t mow the yard good anyway.” That was an interesting comment and didn’t know if I should chuckle. 1928 Ford A 2d Spt Cpe, 4-cyl    $2,750    5

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Air Refreshener Reviews and Information - sgCarMart Recommended Articles Audi A4 and VW Passat. Too many horror stories and makes me avoiding VAG. Enough said. I like the Passat interior the most and I feel that the latest A4 model is kinda ugly to me. The older A4 models are more good looking, in terms of exterior.

About six weeks after placing the order, Smith called Wright to tell him the ’69 Barracuda had arrived. The following day, Wright looked it over and went over the finances only to realize he could not afford the car. Dejected, he left the dealership empty handed. LOS ANGELES _ Bonhams will be auctioning a 50-car group of vehicles from noted collectors Lindley and Ann Bothwell of Southern California. The Bothwell Collection will be auctioned on site, at the Bothwell Ranch in Woodland Hills, Nov. 11. Lindley Bothwell was a charter member of the Horseless Carriage Club of... BMW introduces the all new X5 in Georgia High and dry parts, cars at Idaho’s L&L Classic Auto carrozzeria

INDYCAR Series Used MPV Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Severson liked old cars but didn't own one when he came across the 1936 Oldsmobile L-36 sedan back in 1991. He didn’t consider himself a likely candidate to rescue an old machine, that’s for sure. “It was totally by accident. I was an over-the-road truck driver, and I worked out of Chicago, and a fella in the plant there knew I liked old cars so he asked me if I wanted to buy an old car,” Severson recalled. “His brother had a demolition company and he was contracted to knock down a barn outside of Chicago and he found this old car in there.

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. - Vintage racers from across the U.S. will take to the track September 16-18 as Road America hosts the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) Ariens Art on Wheels Weekend featuring the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival® presented by Volvo Cars USA. The annual celebration of vintage and historic sports cars attracts over 300 cars to the famed 4-mile, 14-turn road course and the fan-friendly paddock is open to spectators for close-up views of amazing racing machines prepared to era-specifications all weekend. 1966-Barracuda-S-4

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Related Articles Janice Feldman, Singapore Even after six decades the D-Type Jaguar remains one of the most alluring automotive shapes of all time. Its sculptured aerodynamic silhouette employs modern aircraft design theory and construction. In four years (1954 through 1957) the D-Type won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times. It is a record that stands with the fabled Bentley Boys of the 1920s, Britain's first Le Mans heroes. ALL WEEKEND: MSRA has partnered with Metro Transit. Plan your trip via bus and/or light rail to the fairgrounds. Visit to find and print a free ride pass. Beck says he had modest plans for the car in the beginning, but the project kept getting bigger and the bar kept getting raised higher the longer he worked on it.

New BMW 5 Series Sedan Diesel Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart Johnson clearly has an affinity for collector cars that are orphaned, uncommon and fun to own, and his Nash hardtop fills the bill on all counts.

The hearty Nebraska wind that blew across the 507 cars collected by Ray Lambrecht of the defunct Lambrecht Chevrolet Co. in Pierce finally carried the cars across the world following the auction of the collection on Sept. 28-29. AddThis Advanced Settings below... Email Enquiry Form Bilancia Intl Pte Ltd - sgCarMart 1967 Chevrolet 20 1/2T PU, V-8, 4-spd, Longbox, sold to Brazil    $2,100     5

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Related Categories Used Mercedes-Benz Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart A couple of years ago, Parker actually visited the home in California where Helen Jones lived and met the neighbor lady who helped fill him in on some of the car’s history. “It was fun doing it. The lady was so nice and I got to be friends with her and I took pictures of the garage and driveway where the car had been kept all those years," he said. The car passed on from Kirk Gibson Senior to Kirk Gibson Junior who cherished it until he decided to make its permanent home at our Museum.

Karz Enterprise | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart How air intake systems improve performance I had just graduated from high school in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pa., and had started working in the stockroom at what we used to call a "5 & 10" in Weirton, W. Va. I had hired into the management training program, and everyone had to start at the bottom. To alleviate the problem of theft in the yard, Welsh said anyone wanting parts is escorted while in the yard. That duty usually falls to Jamin Welsh, Easy Jack’s son. While he has three sons and the yard is named Easy Jack & Sons, Jamin is the only sibling still working for his father. Jamin also removes the parts from vehicles that customers want to purchase. The memorable weekend continued with the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, February 25th, sponsored by the Rick Case Automotive Group. The morning started with a private Q&A brunch hosted by Celebrity judges Jay Leno from the “Jay Leno’s Garage” TV Show and Tim Allen plus Wayne Carini and moderated by Keith Martin. Following the brunch, Jay Leno joined Tim Allen as they walked through the show field meeting automobile and motorcycle owners and event attendees as they searched for their favorite automobile and motorcycle to present the Jay Leno “Big Dog Garage Award” and the “Tim Allen Award”.

We mainly buy out [salvage] yards and crush the hulks and keep the whole cars,” Briscoe explained. He stressed to Old Cars Weekly that he will only sell whole cars, not parts. He added that he has titles for some of his vintage inventory and for those he doesn’t, Briscoe will sell on a bill of sale. Android ATC 10" 8Gen Honda Accord 2015 Reviews & Info Singapore Posted: 01-Oct-2018 Tags: 2015 Volkswagen Transporter, 2015 volkswagen transporter, Volkswagen Transporter, volkswagen transporter, Volkswagen, Transporter, transporter, Used Volkswagen Engine oil - Which is the way to go? C&G Early Ford Parts

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Sign up for Old Cars Weekly's FREE email newsletter The Oldsmobile Rocket Circle customer appreciation program Those "Rocket Circle" ornaments on the dashboards of ‘50s Oldsmobiles are more than just another chrome trinket on a flashy ‘50s machine. General Motors' Oldsmobile division formed the “Oldsmobile Rocket Circle" for the 1956 model year as a type of customer appreciation program. Included... Published June 13, 2012 at 881 - 494 in Tip-top convertible roof installation. ← Previous Next - Performance Ford Club of Minnesota, 1649 Pullman Ave., St. Paul Park, MN 55071. Ray Schmidt 651-459-8153. Volkswagen ups its aftersales ante

riviera Singtech Backup Siren User Review & Reviews Related Categories The Audi e-tron - What you need to know Related Categories

The coupes were loosely arranged on one side of the yard of a house that was boarded over. There were no neighboring residences, and the yard was accessible, so I grabbed my camera and took advantage of the up-close encounter with one of my favorite body styles within the collector car category. 1952 Ford F1 2d 1/2T PU Mod    $21,500    2 Golden Spice Catering

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Related Categories ATHS — Bayou State Chapter, 4848 Swan Lake Road, Bossier City, LA 71111. Jack Thomas, 318-742-5896. Car Rental The Ferrari Challenge offers unrivalled opportunities | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Back then, before Lady Bird Johnson’s campaign to “beautify America” got into full swing, resulting in countless relics being relegated to the crusher, old cars seemed to be everywhere. Rarely did we pay more than $100 for a car, and many were in running, drivable condition. It sounds like yet another “old times tale,” but it’s true. Amongst numerous others, I recall buying a rock-solid 1953 Buick sedan ready to drive for a token $1, just to “make it a legal contract.

Singapore No.1 Car Site for New Car & Used Cars - sgCarMart Though it had been re-done once, the car was still in need of some TLC after he picked it up at auction, according to Naddif. He wound up doing some interior work and rebuilding the 396 V-8. “The Interior needed some updating. We were kind of faced with a decision, so a friend of mine and I tackled it and we wound up putting NOS components in the interior. We pulled the engine and had it restored. It was running a little warm, and it turns out one of the cooling ports had never been clear when they cast the block originally at the factory. We [drilled] out one of the ports so it would cool itself a little more. 1941 Buick Roadmaster 2d Cpe, 8-cyl, 3-Spd, 5W            $52,500            1 Ray Evernham Vintage Triumph Register — Miami Valley Triumphs, 1045 S. S.R. 73, Springboro, OH 45066. Frank Ciboch, 513-748-4185.

Floral Garage Singapore shows love through flowers Porsche Promotions, Offers, Sales | Singapore Sale - sgCarMart Sonax Gloss Shampoo Concentrate User Review & Reviews Recommended Articles

1930 Packard Sup 8 LeBaron All Weather 4d Conv Sed, SMts, w/trunk $100,000 2 I entered one of the outbuildings on the property, whose door had been left open and warped so badly it will never close. Inside, the floor was a jumble of engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission gears, old bicycles, dirty shop rags and garbage. Several cabinets filled with NOS parts were scattered about the building, also with doors hanging open, and it appeared as if the owner just called it quits one day and left everything as is to spoil. Related Categories Dove Sunshade (CP0011) User Review & Reviews

ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. Read this article Recommended Articles Got a car you'd like us to feature as our "Car of the Week"? We want to hear from you! E-mail us and tell us all about it. 1956 Ford

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Skunk2 MegaPower Header Reviews & Info Singapore Bill Lawrence, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii With the tiny Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird already capturing hearts in the uncharted waters of the American sports car market, Studebaker didn’t play it safe. The company went “all in” with a bigger, more powerful and more refined performance machine with Raymond Loewy-inspired looks. Featuring hood scoops, prominent rear fins and fancy driver cockpits, the Golden Hawks combined racy looks and performance with the practicality of a family car — they had back seats and you could squeeze five people inside. They even had a column shifter and a front bench seat. Volkswagen Specialty Workshops Singapore - sgCarMart

Heritage Auctions and Leake Auction Company will present museum collection Feb. 23-24 in Oklahoma City The highly anticipated Dec. 9 auction of The Rolland Collection has been rescheduled due to fierce wildfires ravaging too close to the Newbury Park, California, venue. Leake Auction Company and Heritage Auctions will again join forces to present the Rolland Collection’s 24 unique and... Mercedes-Benz E-Class E250 CGI Cabriolet Seller Address Singapore - sgCarMart MUSEUM HOURS Popular Articles

Thanks to the VW, driving the Challenger R/T was reserved for nice days when Hernandez didn’t have to work, a rare occurrence in itself. At the same time, Hernandez was raising a family, and since he worked weekends and holidays, the car rarely saw the road, aside from the occasional jaunt around the block or to the store. In its 34 years, the farthest the Hemi Challenger R/T has traveled is from Hernandez’ driveway to the dealership where the car was purchased. New Model: Brooklin 1948 Tucker in Green Related Articles Posted: 01-Oct-2018 Tags: 2016 Mercedes-Benz C200, 2016 mercedes-benz c200, Mercedes-Benz C200, mercedes-benz c200, Mercedes-Benz, C200, c200, Used Mercedes-Benz Corvette Funfest 2014 honors Vets with 'Vettes

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After a dispute with Wichita city officials, Hayes decided to relocate his salvage operation to another Kansas location in 1979. At that time, the owner of the yard in Florence was looking at getting out of the salvage business. His yard was small. It only utilized the grounds adjacent to Highway 50, with the quarry remaining empty, as it had since it ceased operation, according to Hayes, in either 1947 or ’48. The original owner of the Florence yard also crushed his entire inventory when he decided to call it quits, forcing a new owner to start from scratch. We were getting gas near Aalborg (Denmark), on our way to the ferry, and this guy comes driving by in a completely blown up, popped-out ’57 Chevy gasser and he says, ‘You got to come to this car show.’ I told him we were getting on a ferry to Iceland and he said, ‘Can you come by and hang out? He eventually sold the dealership and invested in real estate. This allowed him the opportunity to enjoy all his hobbies, and living up to his motto of “cars, cigars & Shirley”. While he wheeled around talking about all his treasures and the related stories with me we were enveloped in the sweet smell of his cigars and stories of a fulfilled lifetime.

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Lot 141 – 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Coupe Speciale: $1,430,000 Related Articles New Jeep Cars, Singapore Car Prices & Listing - sgCarMart

For the full fooler (a.k.a. “sleeper”) effect, the original owner even ran little hubcaps and blackwall tires to help the finned Impala fly under the radar. Aside from its performance options, the Impala is otherwise a typical farm sedan and generally lacks creature comforts. Car Review - Porsche 911 Carrera T PDK 3.0 (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

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Please Contact Your Member of Congress (contact information below) to Request Support for HR 704 AACA National and the Hershey Region AACA welcomes antique and collectible car enthusiasts from all over the world to Hershey, Pa., for the 63rd Annual Eastern Division Fall Meet, Oct. 4-7. Call it a tradition. Cross it off your bucket list. Just simply say “Hershey” to an antique car hobbyist and they’ll know exactly what you are talking about. If you don't subscribe to Old Cars Weekly magazine, you're missing out on the only weekly magazine in the car hobby. And we'll deliver 50 issues a year right to your mailbox every week for less than the price of a oil change! Click here to see what you're missing with Old Cars Weekly! Related Categories

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Android ATC 10" Nissan Murano Reviews & Info Singapore More info about this product New BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Photos, Photo Gallery - sgCarMart Login - Old Cars Weekly Address : 50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #02-19 Midview Building S(659578) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 62613355 Address : 31 Loyang Way Stamford Tyres Megamarts - Changi S(508729) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 65423355 Address : Blk 9006 Tampines Street 93 #01-196 S(528840) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 62863355 Address : 10 Admiralty Street #01-85 Northlink Building S(757695) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 65553355 Address : 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #01-11/12 First East Centre S(417868) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 66363355 Address : 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #01-14 AMK Autopoint S(568047) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 64833355 Address : 455 Macpherson Road Stamford Tyres Megamart- Macpherson S(368173) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 68143355 Address : 23 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-12/13 Synergy @ KB S(417801) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 67023355 Address : 355 East Coast Road Caltex Service station S(428972) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 63420981 Address : 3700 Yishun Ring Road Caltex Service station S(768690) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 62575910 Address : No.8 Kung Chung Road Leng Kee Mega Mart S(159145) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 2pm (Sun) Closed on PHs Phone : 64753355 Address : 648 Dunearn road Shell station S(289629) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 62843355 Address : 548 Havelock Road Shell station S(169637) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 67330129 Address : 121 Tuas South Avenue 5 Shell station S(637365) (Map) Opening Hours : 9am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs Phone : 62547570

BLENHEIM, Ontario – RM Auctions announced highlights for the company’s 12th annual Hershey sale, set for October 11-12 at Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania. Each October, all roads lead to Hershey, where RM Auctions will again present an exceptional array of American Veteran, Brass, Classic, and post-war automobiles during the Antique Automobile Club... New Land Rover Range Rover Sport Car Information Singapore - sgCarMart Used Nissan Latio Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Amelia Island Schedule Land Rover brings breakfast to the CBD

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1925 Ford T 2d Dump, 4-cyl, Ruckstell rear axle, “Ollie’s Trucking” graphics            $25,000            1 Additional private collections offered across the Auburn Fall weekend include impressive groups of Corvettes, Austin-Healeys, and sought-after American muscle cars. RM Auctions' 2018 Auburn Fall sale, the 48th annual event, will present approximately 700 quality collector cars and an assortment of automobilia during a four-day sale, ranging from American classics to European sports cars, Detroit muscle, hot rods, customs, and modern collectibles. Beyond the auction action, Auburn Fall offers fun for the entire family, with onsite RV camping, a swap meet, car corral, Monster Energy Freestyle Motocross shows, an appearance and autograph session by Cristy Lee, car enthusiast, biker, model, and star of Velocity’s All Girls Garage, and more. Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1955 Mercury - Old Cars Weekly Posted: 17-Sep-2018 Tags: 2008 Honda Airwave, 2008 honda airwave, Honda Airwave, honda airwave, Honda, Airwave, airwave, Used Honda

Used Direct Owner Consignment & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart 1929 Ruxton Model C Roadster, The Margieand Robert E. Petersen Collection Auspicious ways to get good CNY 'car-ma' Car of the Week: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad The Dragone auction will be taking place during the Vintage Festival concours on Sunday at 11 a.m. and will be located in the center of the concours.

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-$20 PastaMania voucher Posted: 29-Sep-2018 Tags: 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA180, 2016 mercedes-benz cla180, Mercedes-Benz CLA180, mercedes-benz cla180, Mercedes-Benz, CLA180, cla180, Used Mercedes-Benz

Plan your upcoming year with the 2019 Reader Rides Calendar by Old Cars Weekly. Used Mid-Sized Sedan Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart Related Articles A Market offer price is the purchase price offered by a registered used car dealer for your vehicle. * Slide show images of show-quality hot rods and classic cars owned by CHROME clients and featured in the 2009 and 2010 CHROME calendars. "This is a way to feature our insured cars and put them in the spotlight because people love their cars and love to show them off, too," said Ebert.

Get expert restoration advice for your classic car fender Making its international debut at this year’s Concours was the sole Shelby Lonestar, created in secrecy a half-century ago as a replacement for the legendary 427 Shelby Cobra. Based on the GT40 chassis the Ford V-8-powered mid-engine coupe was assembled in England during 1968 and wore the name "Cobra III" in internal Shelby documents. The Shelby Lonestar experienced considerable obstacles in obtaining its name. Ford had acquired the Cobra name a year earlier. Shelby, a Texan by birth, nature and bearing, named his third-generation "Cobra" after his home state and the Shelby Lonestar was born. 2120 West Nordale Drive I drive it from time to time. My daughter is getting her license and she wants to drive it to school. I don’t know about that, but it’s fun to drive and it’s got a nice sound to it with the [Flowmaster] exhaust. It’s got plenty of pickup with that V-8. It’s got a Holly 650 or 700 — something like that. The carburetor looks as big as the engine… The car looks good, handles good, rides nice. You’re kind of sitting down in it a little. The hood is kind of up and out front of you.

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The windows were tinted black and the car had a show-quality repaint from the beltline down. Incredibly, the roof, sills and doorjambs still wear the original paint that is in excellent condition. Used Foton Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Old Cars Guide to Auto Restoration CD Volume 2

ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. Boss 302 Buyer's Guide TTS Eurocars Pte Ltd | New Car Parallel Importer Singapore - sgCarMart Commercial Vehicle Rental

Brooklin models 1939 Buick Century convertible sedan in 1:43 scale Comparison - Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC LX (A) & Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI Ambition Plus (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart I was really thrilled to find this one because it was unmolested. It was really original, which was important to me,” he said.

In preparation of this work, the museum participated in a year-long Historic Structure Report in 2016, which was partially funded by the Jeffris Foundation. The report identifies, details and prioritizes nearly $10 million of repair and restoration work recommended for the building, $5 million of which is necessary and urgent at this time to seal the building envelope. Corvette Central Triple Diamond display Used CLA45 Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart 1956 Austin-Healey 100M: Following the full-competition 100S, Austin Healey built this upgraded road car, which consisted of engine modifications that increased power and performance. When production ended in 1956, only 640 examples of the 100M were built.

Modern power discs do the stopping, with coil-over shocks and anti-sway bars smoothing out the road just a bit. American Home Assurance Singapore - sgCarMart

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Login 1911 Indian, belt drive    $45,000    4 Used SUV Car & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart

1954 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight convertible was familiar to pages of Old Cars, Hemmings Kenny Buttolph, the former Old Cars Weekly research editor who recently passed away, owned hundreds of collector cars in his lifetime — maybe more. Retired OCW Publisher John Gunnell likes to tell people that Kenny once began writing down... A most unusual and distinctive automobile,” said Auburn of its 1933 12-165 Salon Speedster. “Powered with 12-cylinder 160-horsepower Lycoming engine, similar to the world famous engine which broke all speed records at Muroc Dry Lake from one to 500 miles recently. This distinctive car is built on a 133-inch wheelbase…Note the distinctive treatment of this car throughout… Chrome plays an important part in the eye appeal of the car, being lavishly used throughout. Bodies are custom type, retaining the Auburn identity, yet individual in design. Speed in excess of any stock car. Ken loved Mustangs and amassed a few of them over the years. When his son Jeff, was about 17, they went looking for a Shelby. Ken knew of one that was in a nearby garage. After a visit to the garage they ended up buying the Shelby. Jeff had to purchase the car under a title contract with his father Ken. Ken believed that there was no easy way to reward without hard work. Unfortunately, Jeff lost his job and couldn’t pay his dad, so Ken took ownership of the Shelby. This is the same 1966 Shelby GT350 that is now up for sale. The rare car will be offered  at no-reserve and with all documentation. The car has been in the family since the early 1970’s. After some researching of the registry it appears there have been no entries since the car was sold new in Chicago. The car is original, except for the backseat, which Jeff installed after he bought the car, and minor superficial things associated with a kid owning a Mustang.

Story and photos by Ron Kowalke General admission: $40, includes admission for one to the viewing and the auctions

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The screwdriver in this picture points to the fan control adjustment. Notice that A fresh new event layout is on all hard surface asphalt. The newly expanded 13,000 sq. ft. Vendor Pavilion houses more than 130 vendors. Bidder registration is j$200 and includes admission for preview day and four days of auctions for the bidder and one guest. For more information visit Related Articles Lost & Found, Great Barn Finds & Other Automotive Discoveries Hickory Corners, MI 49060

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Dodge to Auction First 2008 Challengers - Old Cars Weekly Used Suzuki Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Point S harnesses networked retailing

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Car Review - Ferrari GTC4Lusso T 3.9 (A) | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart One rare Jaguar! - Old Cars Weekly Top Searches Current production models should have upgraded connectors for Apple products (current 32 pin connector instead of the lightning connector)

proxibid Q. Jim Sikora of Western Springs, Ill., asked about the “GM Powerama 1955” (Oct. 29). I was a production coordinator between the H.B. Stubbs Co. of Warren, Mich., the builders of the  Powerama, and GM Styling’s Product and Exhibit Design Group, the designers of that extravaganza of General Motors non-automotive division’s products in 1955.

BMW introduces the all new X5 in Georgia

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Ken Nimocks, Green Bay, Wis. Experiencing two sides of Aston Martin

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Posted: 15-Aug-2018 Tags: 1994 Suzuki Cappuccino, 1994 suzuki cappuccino, Suzuki Cappuccino, suzuki cappuccino, Suzuki, Cappuccino, cappuccino, Used Suzuki (All Chevy) Steel City Classics, 701 Prestley St., Carnegie, PA 15106. Ray Ford, 412-429-4242,

Used All Commercial Vehicles & Cars for Sale in Singapore - sgCarMart ATTENTION OLD CAR LOVERS! Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. About the AACA Museum, Inc.  New Aston Martin DB11 Car Information Singapore - sgCarMart

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AACA — Sowega Region, 116 Flint River Heights Road, Bainbridge, GA 31717. Lee West. Michael Shanks Archives - Old Cars Weekly 1957-Olds-wagon-6 CLICK HERE to tell us what you think in the Old Cars Weekly Forum

CORSA — Vegas Vairs, Box 61334, Las Vegas, NV 89160. Related Categories Santa Fe Suv Articles | Car & Automotive Articles - sgCarMart

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message on the side. Alcades The Secret Tab User Review & Reviews

A. That’s an interesting adaptation. I’m interested to know how well it works and wonder how you went about selecting the SLA battery you used. Based on a quick survey I’ve learned that many 12-volt jumper packs have batteries rated for about 18 ampere-hours, and weigh about 18 lbs. Since a 6-volt starter draws more current than a 12-volt unit, I would look for an SLA battery with about twice that capacity. From a bit of online “window shopping” I found a 36-ah SLA that weighs 15 lbs. and at 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches looks like it might fit in a standard jumper pack. A 58-ah model weighs some 22 lbs., and is only slightly larger. For the really cautious experimenter there’s a 200-ah SLA that weighs 68 lbs. and is the size of a car battery with automotive-size terminals. That pretty well negates the advantages of the jumper pack: portability and lightness. If that’s your preference, maybe you should heed the advice of reader Duane Hayes, who says you should just keep a heavy duty 6-volt battery and some jumper cables in your car. 1957 Thunderbird Related Articles It’s great when guys walk up with that gleam in their eye and want to talk about the car — they remember the old gassers,” Bleil said. “I’ve never run it on the strip, because it’s not really made for the strip, it’s made to drive on the street … but it looks the part, certainly. Like all cars, there comes a time when the road starts to take its toll on them. The upkeep starts to go beyond the normal wear and tear, and like many of us, the aches and pains seem to multiply daily. Seeing I have a soft spot in my heart for this Hemi-powered grocery getter, I have made it a point to stay one step ahead of old father time. I have fixed all the small maladies as they arose. Reluctantly, I realized that I would eventually have to allow the work-horse to step down.

Hayes actually began his working career as an assembler in a Wichita boat factory. After being laid off from that job, he said he reverted back to what he learned from his dad and began salvaging cars. Hayes’ older brother Marvin was operating a salvage yard in Wichita at the time, so Hayes opened another yard next door. He operated his salvage business from that location for the next dozen years. Both yards are still in operation today, under different ownership. Marvin’s former yard, in fact, is where I spoke with the aforementioned relative of Hayes, and learned of the quarry collection in Florence. NGK Pro-V Reviews & Info Singapore

Login "We are delighted to make our debut at The Elegance at Hershey, a premier event for serious collectors," said Bradley Farrell, CEO of The Finest Automobile Auctions. "We have a spectacular lineup for this sale, which features vehicles from some of the world's most important collections. For global collectors, our partnership with Proxibid ensures anyone can bid and win online with confidence, and that they will receive the same level of care and integrity as if they attended the live auction." Early advice on conversion to R-134a suggested it was necessary to change the system seals and hoses. Experience has proven this not to be true. The drive is fluid and polished enough, agree with most of the reviews about decent fuel efficiency. BMW improved the base engine sdrive18i with the upgraded transmission which makes it more efficient, better performance, and smoother with faster gear shifts unlike the old six speed torque converter. Why the Aston Martin Vantage is the track car you didn't know you needed | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe first automobile to be recorded for Library of Congress Posted: 16-Sep-2018 Tags: 2018 Toyota Prius, 2018 toyota prius, Toyota Prius, toyota prius, Toyota, Prius, prius, Used Toyota 1976 Ford Escort 1100 GL Sedan formerly owned by Saint Pope John Paul II

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Chin Wah & Co. - sgCarMart Published April 8, 2014 at 650 - 488 in Car of the Week: 1967 Corvette. ← Previous Next -

0 Reviews 1901 Olds replica to cross country for veterans - Old Cars Weekly Must-know tips for cheaper car maintenance | Photo Gallery - sgCarMart

Audi on demand - a unique mobility concept Car Review - Porsche Macan Turbo PDK 3.6 Performance Package (A) OCTOBER 8: TARGA FLORIO! Used BMW 523i Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart Car of the Week: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Concord, NC 28026 Knight Rider Upon review of the heater box, it was discovered mice had taken up residence and it had to be disassembled and restored. Car of the Week: 1973 Ford Bronco Ranger - Old Cars Weekly Auspicious ways to get good fortune and 'car-ma' this Lunar New Year

New Nissan NV200 1.6 Panel Van (A) Safety & Luxury Features - sgCarMart

1949-’52 Chevys are gaining in collectibility, but they’re still bargains Wet weather balance with the Potenza S007A The new Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Tyres- Launched Posted: 01-Oct-2018 Tags: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, 2016 mitsubishi outlander, Mitsubishi Outlander, mitsubishi outlander, Mitsubishi, Outlander, outlander, Used Mitsubishi That means precious few of the 1,512 original cars remain. “If there are 400 or 500 left, that would be a lot,” said Indriso. “And if there are a dozen of those that are in really, really nice shape, that would be a lot, too.

New Ferrari California T 3.8 (A) Specs | Specifications Singapore - sgCarMart Login Story and photos by Brian Earnest We specialize in restoration, show quality plating and salvaging damaged chrome parts that other platers have ruined. Nobody restores the Hornets because they kind of rusted out and nobody did much with them. I drove it daily for 10 years, and when it started getting all that rust on it I’m glad I had the lifetime warranty on the Rusty Jones rustproofing,” said Wunrow, a resident of Marshfield, Wis. “I took it in every year and did the service checks on it with the AMC garage, so every year they’d say, ‘OK, it’s getting a little rust.’ Then the fenders got holes in them and it kept getting worse. I guess the key thing was when I got a flat tire and tried to jack the thing up with the scissors jack under the rocker panel and the only thing that I jacked up was the rocker panel.

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1957 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible - $120,000   lasts! Published November 15, 2016 at 650 - 433 in Car of the Week: 1956 Ford Customline. ← Previous Next -

1911 Indian, belt drive    $45,000    4 More Resources For Car Collectors: Old Car Council of Colorado, Box 280042, Lakewood, CO 80228. Richard Fritz, 303-774-9710,

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8 Reviews Starting at 3:30 PM will be the Parade of Buses and will feature both vintage and restored buses. Awards will be given out for Longest Distance, People’s Choice, Best School Bus, and Best Conversion Bus. Johnson fondly recalls the 1955 Nash he had in his younger days, and he’s had plenty of cars and a variety of makes and models come through his driveway over the years. He’s owned a 1958 Chevrolet Impala since 1960 — “that was my first good car!” — and his fleet these days includes 1949, ’52, ’53 and ’61 Kaisers; a 1951 Frazer four-door convertible; 1967 AMC Marlin; and 1967 AMC Ambassador convertible. The ’54 Nash is new kid in the garage these days, so it gets plenty of attention. Related Articles

1964-Galaxie-500XL-1 - Old Cars Weekly Related Categories It hadn’t been ever touched, so we had to rechrome everything,” Beaulieu said. “There are about 60 pieces that had to be rechromed, because the copper was coming through the chrome. Used California Car & Used Cars & Vehicles Singapore - sgCarMart True Blue Mustang Fan

Chun-Jie Motor Service - sgCarMart Login - Old Cars Weekly Just released: View Lambrecht Collection vehicle descriptions

Auburn-speedster-9 NOVEMBER 26: THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION. VOTE! Related Articles Every Mustang tells a story Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore | Used Car Dealer Singapore - sgCarMart


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